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  • dpeters798 dpeters798 Jan 27, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

    This company has no CFO

    Is the fox watching the hen house. The management team is making money on peoples dreams. Past failed projects and no results for the past 2 years.

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    • hehehehe

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      • "it has an SEC investigation going on right now for goodness sakes."

        Correction please: it is NOT and investigation. It is a lawsuit, in which actc is named as one of the defendants. The SEC is calling it fraud. Should I copy and paste? No, thought not.....just one more thing the stupid longs don't want anyone to see. I WILL COPY AND PASTE IF YOU P, I, S, S, me off. And that won't help you pump actc one bit, now will it?

    • Someone finally gets it. Gary is the CFO, and Gary was and may still be a hedgy!

      When was the last time a hedgy ran a successful public company. I have changed my strategy with this company untill certain things improve. My prefered strategy with this hedgy controlled company is short and flip, imho. Hedgies are all about the money, so am money and profit.

      Fot the most part of this company's saga, the hedgies have been milking the cow. Consider milking too while ya can, or these hedgies will not only fleece but skin ya....alive! Don't believe me?, read the settlement 8-K.....SHORT and FLIP, sad but true. Just keeping it real unlike Keep whos is polling for news.

      I first bought this stock because of the science, but seeing all I have seen and knowing all I now know, the settlement lit my fuse. Welcome to a dose of reality!

    • Why pay a CFO when you have no revenues to speak of?

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      • There are a lot of complex financial arrangements for a biotech long before substantial revenues are realized. Didn't ACTC just shell out almost Half a billion shares due to finance-related litigation? A smart, not-afraid-to-speak-his/her-mind CFO might give investors a greater sense of trust when investing in a company with the past management history actc has. It has an SEC investigation going on right now for goodness sakes. Credibility is key here and not having a CFO combined with the past history might be a red flag for many.

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