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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jan 28, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Those admitting to be Tea Bags down to 8 percent from 24 percent 2 year ago.

    Oh how the mighTEA have fallen. It just goes to show how spineless most of the self proclaimed BAGS were in the first place. Oh, it was so popular for the braindead set 2 years ago, they all ran to get the free pastries on those KOCH (they say COKE) Billionaire Brothers funded "grass roots" busses they corraled the ignorant in. The showed up with those Hitler posters with our President Obama's face on them, they spat at Democratic Congress people on cue as the FAUX News cameras rolled. Now, all of a sudden even the ignorant realized how anti-American they were and how incredibly DUPED they were. DeMitt quit halfway through his TEA BAG REBELLION, Palin was let go from FAUX after they used her incomprehensible presentations for a few years. Let's see Sarah, you quit as the first female governor of Alaska, you helped John McCain lose even worse than he would have anyway, and now you got crapcanned from FAUX Noise. It's like the Pied Pooper leading her drones over the cliff. Don't forget to take that gun toting, Viet Nam draft dodger Ted Numbnuts with you-you'll need some entertainment. Hey, grab that Paul character, he's pretty insane too, and marry him after your hubby dumps your rear and grabs up half the money you made preaching hate-there really is justice in this world !!!!!!