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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jan 29, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

    Warren Buffett is absolutely correct....

    ....when he states(I'm paraphrasing here) "The average investor does not have the skills or patience required to trade individual stocks, thus they should find an index fund and allocate small chunks of money over a period of time, don't put all your money in at one time, because nobody is capable of timing the market."
    And since we've already done the dirty deed by investing in the highly speculative ACTC, now what?
    1 - do we just ride it out and hope for the best?
    2 - when to we sell?
    3 - does anyone here have a plan?
    My plan is to ride it out for at least another year or two, and to start selling shares in chunks of 10K, somehwere above $1 per share, but if they have the cure I'll keep at the majority of my shares for maybe another 5 years, selling off some every quarter and putting it in an idex fund, as Warren says to do.
    Whats your plan?

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    • $1 your dreaming LOL

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      • you can do what you can , what you believe you can cannot achieve what you you don't think is possible..... what is time the market? tops? bottoms? I sold my ford and CMI for prophet a month or so ago only to watch them go higher....I sold for profit....does that make me incapable because I didn't time the the same time I held my Cree which turned out to be smart...but I also went on an aapl buying spree which up to this point wasn't the most brillaint play more than ya lose and ya win in this far as ACTC goes what do ya do with a turd? some float some sink....sell it on a rally ....a buck ha ha ha

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    • My plan is to try living another 5 years! But, they say that the only thing worse than death is to live AFTER your money is all spent! Only have about 198,500 shares left!