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  • demetergreen demetergreen Jan 30, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    2nd amendment

    Flipping thru the channels-I find an "Ultra-Lib" view point commentary-which was surprising-She said As soon as Chavez appointed himself a third term-he took all the guns in the country-Finishing w/i'ts a sad truth that we can never be w/o guns and we need the second amendment.

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    • look, the reality is we have a bunch of people claiming responsible gun we have responsible car ownership? lets be real...people are not that responsible...we don't tout all the responsible auto owners do we.....the vast majority fall some where in the middle of the view is get rid of the gun show loop hole...make private citizens sales have a system much like a title for a fact use the DMV's to do it.....also we have religous organizations that pay no tax and have a stake in a safe society...lets call on the leaders of these churches to voluntarily tax themselves ....setting aside a percentage of their revenue, to be allocated towards mental health in their respective communties,self policed ...basically just a commitment made by these churches.... I don't want small clips ....I don't see the need for assault rifles but I'll make a concession, you can keep'um but you should have to register them

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      • The point was more that this Ultra lib-was pro 2nd amen because of the possibility of a coup due to the gov being too large. Everyone seems focused on the gun sales-I'm focused on what's out there already or as someone who lives in Brooklyn knows-that handguns are immediate threat.
        Strict registration is good and necessary but there will always be the "guns" that will be hidden from the govt. (what they don't know-they can't disarm) I would love someone to use a semi in their own house-what a mess!!!! There isn't a priest, rabbi or cleric on the planet that will pay taxes ever-it's part of their schtick!!!!! We have a turn-in for cash gun "festival" occasionally-someone turned in a rocket launcher last week-that so so worth the $200-doncha think?