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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jan 30, 2013 5:30 PM Flag

    Another block of 2,250,000 shares TRADED in After Hours.

    that's around $175,000 combine with the past several closings of after hours trades, that A LOT. The stock gained 1.9 percent during the day, then lost 2.38 percent in after hours trading.

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    • ACTC does not trade in after hours or pre-market trading . Your post has been sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission for legal action !!

    • I am sure the market makers are selling shares during the day to you and me and then are replenishing them with prearranged shares they are taking off of sCAMOFI

    • It seems to happen each day and to reset the price far below the closing price. At opening, I think it starts at the afterhours price. It's very peculiar and seems quite manipulative.

    • Nj, what may be a happening with all this after hours trading is that somebody, or group, is accumulating shares knowing something great is about to be reported by ACT. Now what could that be? Could SMD be given an orphan drug status, since it happens in 1 in 10,000 juveniles?
      This along with AMD makes ACT's future look very bright.
      "According to a report by The Disability Federation of Ireland, there are approximately 161 million people with vision impairment worldwide. Of the 124 million people with low vision, 37 million are considered legally blind. The report highlights that the global population of visually-impaired persons is expected to double by 2020. The population of people with vision loss age 55 and above is predicted to increase. The World Health Organization predicts that the prevalence of blindness for persons over the age of 55 will grow 43% by 2016, 116% by 2026, and 170% by 2031. AMD is currently the second leading cause of vision loss behind other causes (accidents)."
      Add in the cell-derived platelets and who knows how high ACTC will go, even with 2.2B shares outstanding.

    • It's absolutely amazing to me that no matter how many times this topic comes up and no matter how many times it gets thoroughly explained, people here still believe these trades are occuring AH. PLEASE STOP with the lunacy! This stock does not, can not, will not, and never will trade AH, as long as it trades on the OTCBB. END OF STORY!!! These trades that are showing up as AH trades are simply late prints. Google Timothy Sykes, a Penny Stock Guru and read his explanation about OTCBB Stocks and why some appear to have AH trades. Maybe we can finally put this nonsense to rest.