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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jan 30, 2013 11:39 PM Flag

    Another block of 2,250,000 shares TRADED in After Hours.

    Keep, I've tried to answer you several times but it's complicate-my vision mess. You're right and I must always remind myself that I do pretty good. I hope one day that this tech will help my eyes. I'm hoping that those "super stem cells" ACTC mentioned will be transformation. I'll be first in line to get injections EVERYWHERE !!!

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    • BTW Keep, I have ocularhistoplasmosis. It's a fungus that enters your body through inhalation mainly. It lives briefly in your body where it attaches to various tissues before it dies. That's where the problem comes in. It can attach itself to heart valves, retinas, joints etc. The problem comes as your immune system tries to get rid of it. The damage doesn't show up for 5 years. The histoplasmosis is called ocular when it attaches in your retinas. For me it attached itself in the central maculas of both of my eyes, thus my central vision, the area with the most concentrated receptors, the area responsible for detailed sight, is SHOT for me. Fortunately, this is not progressive and what's done is done, unlike AMD and SMD. Ocularhistoplasmosis is the leading cause of blindness for people under 25 in Ohio river valley region. Its rare here on the east coast but it definitely happens here. I was one of 8 cases in NY and NJ the year I was diagnosed. If it attaches to heart valves, you end up weakened heart. If it attaches to your joints, it provokes painful joints. It comes from chicken and bird and bat droppings. In the mid 90's I was in a chicken coup filled with chickens when a neighbors pet dog pulled the door open and came in and the chickens went bonkers. Because of all the droppings in there the crazy chickens kicked up a huge cloud of chicken poop dust and that's when I breathed it in. I got really sick with what I thought was a flu a few days later, never gave it any thought. Interestingly, the dog died a week later. It's only in my eyes. OK enough of that bio lesson.