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  • jsklein1000 jsklein1000 Jan 31, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

    the A/H sales are not manipulation..

    the A/H sales are pre-arranged sales by two parties. Every sale has a buyer and a seller, and, for those that think Lincoln Park is swindling ACTC, you are incorrect. Lincoln purchases "at market" and will sell "above" their purchase price.

    they are not going to purchase 35MM dollars worth of stock and sell it all at 38MM dollars. This is not their intent, imo.

    I do think that they will be far more conservative at this stage of the game, however, I see no reason or explanation that Gary would be able to provide if he has drawn down anything much greater than the 500K needed for the end of quarter payment required by the Camofi settlement.

    Perhaps Gary is taking loans to support the stock during a pre-arranged liquidation by Camofi..but, it would be a difficult explanation during next CC.

    There is a 3-6% discount for a block sale transaction..easily considered fair by me.

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    • JS, good read on Lincoln Park as well as A/H sales. GR is in a balancing act with Camofi selling and not wanting Lincoln Park to be buying too cheaply as this is money in the coffer for us. I’m sure he is doing the best he can to keep the price up.


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    • Lincoln supporting the pps w/buys is a possibility (they don't want to show a loss either). It's Peter to pay Paul-If it's true (and it's a big "if") then they expect this to go up-or they would tell us to pay it off first and pick up cheaper shares after we drain. LP buys come w/restrictions and are at ACTC discretion (that's in the agreement). And there sell are restricted too. Did you read the Camofi agreement?