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  • leave_it_to_liver leave_it_to_liver Feb 2, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    Will I ever get my 18 cents a share back?

    Thats what I get for taking stock advice from a gaypride board.

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    • It's a legitimate question. I have the same one at .15. Special thanks to Karen for a thoughtful reply rather than a zinger. ☺

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    • What urgency existed (didn't want to miss the boat, bus, train, etc.) when you decided to buy ACTC and go long ? Surely, it couldn't have been ACTCs business model....... or did you allow the rabidly optimistic, the unconscionable, and conjecture-based pumpers cloud your judgement ?

      : )

    • sjohn290 Feb 2, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

      Maybe you should buy KERX, Monday? Is it too late to buy EVSI? I bought 15500 at 0.1775 in December. Hopefully, it is just in the early stage of a steady upwards movement. I saw the CEO on "TED", some weeks ago. Find it on youtube.

    • What exactly are you ? STRAIGHT or GAY ...

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      • IM GAY SO WHAT ! Are you a ASTM/ACTC basher?

      • And this is why the bashers are here; to warn the new investors that the wait is long, and the risk is incredible, when you buy something like actc "too early" in the game.

        You think you have troubles at $0.18? What about the poor souls that bought above .$.50 $1.00, or above $4.00.

        The pumps will tell us these investors sold long ago so they don't matter, which is mostly true, but I'm certain some of them never sold, and are hanging on by a thread. It's a wonder they didn't make for the window when Rabin stole the company.

        You're only hope of escape, at somewhere near break-even, is waiting for the next IND approval/spike. Any and all future spikes based on the existing trial will be very quick, and won't make it to .018 IMO. That story is old, and there are years of waiting ahead, for FDA approval and/or the first dollar or revenue from the amd/smd program. And the risk is HUGE, that is why only retail investors have invested.......except of course the toxic financiers.

        A new IND approval is another story altogether,,,,,sure, it's 5-10 years to fda approval for the new IND if successful, but the spike on the IND approval itself will be huge, just as the IND approval spike for the current trials (up 400% Dec 2011). Wait for it. Or sell now if you can use the loss against your gains/dividends this year.

    • Was it by force that you bought into Actc ( there are laws against that ) or was it your own unilateral wet dream? Remember, when you point a finger to blame someone else there is 3 pointing back at you. Take ownership of your own doing. Hey, I too have made mistakes. I accepted it, took ownership, learned and moved on. It's called Trial & Error. Good Luck.

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    • Re: "Thats what I get for taking stock advice from a gaypride board."

      Not to worry, liver, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and the Koch Brothers will be coming out soon.

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