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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Feb 3, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    notthatflop, you're a paragon of virtue. Hypocrite! And you expect me to answer you?


    Re: Socialist hero, Sen. Bob Menendez, if found guilty of being a pedophile pervert, could face 30 years in prison.
    by notthatflop . Jan 31, 2013 7:49 PM . Permalink

    Lonely Pole, which one of the below best applies to you?

    1. You are #$%$
    2. You were bathed too hot as a child and suffered brain trauma
    3. You kept picking your nose and reached to high damaging your brain
    4. You suffer from ‘small man’s disease’ and keep posing like Napoleon upon a white horse
    5. You believe everything said by Faux News and now become a RWNJ ‘droid’
    6. All of the above

    I’m going with #6, all of the above. You have to be one of the most disgusting human beings along side Fraud Man that I’ve ever had the displeasure to encounter. All you do is post b.s. and lie. How did you ever escape the Institute and gain access to a computer?

    Please give me an example of one lie I have told. Just one.

    I await the sound of crickets.

    Sentiment: Hold

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Don't hold ya breath or lose sleep waiting for an answer. I asked harryblue-floppy the same question a few days ago...firstly, I got crickets, the I got the stupidest and lamest excuse for and answer, which infact was true. His aswer was my post about Jeep going China....Gov. Romney was correct afterall.

      I only hope they come up with any lie or b.s, (.very doubtful, to impossible), you or I have posted on this board. One thing I know for sure about message board mental midgets is they have no legs to stand on.

    • Here is my offer Lonely. No more making fun or posting silly comments. I’m interested in an open conversation and perhaps I can learn something new. My ask for you is to stop using terms like socialist, loon or Marxist, as they are derogatory and not accurate. If you pose a questions and don’t add insults, I’ll respond and try to answer, offer a different view point, or agree.

    • I expect nothing from you lonely pole. You continue to insult people in every one of your posts. I just responded to your childish antics, which apparently was a mistake. If that is a problem for you, too bad. You apparently hate the U.S. so much and are so angry, that maybe moving back to Costa Rica is a better solution for you. You insult and ridicule, yet get all righteous when someone turns the table on you? I laugh at you!