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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Feb 7, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

    I'll keep it simple for the contards


    Liberals protest War.... Conservatives protest Healthcare. We are good, they are evil. Plain as black and white. Fraud can now insert racist watermelon joke here____________.

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    • yeah libs protest war - sure they do lib.
      Your Marxist Obama has started 5 wars without Congressional approval - you people are such idiots - USEFUL IDIOTS for the Marxist - he needs you to keep on being stupid....

    • I must have missed Oblama at them there war protests... Mr. Nobel Peace Prize bombs even more countries than Bush.

      BTW there is a difference between being against healthcare and being against another plan that increases everyone's costs to provide even worse healthcare. Not to mention the intrusive nature of the plan to link the cabal's collection agency to personal bank accounts.

      You're really good at unthinkingly parroting talking points, what would you think if the TV didn't tell you what you thought?

    • It's not a myth or opinion, the GOP all had their sticky dirty fingers in the decisions to start wars and watch their bank accounts (overseas) fill up. We've never really gotten to the bottom of Halliburton corruption, and gee why is that? Oh, that's right, several years into the war that Halliburton's bud CHENEY lied to start, Halliburton moved out of this country to a place they wouldn't be scrutinized. Oh gee whiz and the just happens to be in the middle east, Dubai. So while CHENEY somehow gets a new heart to replace the one he never had, all the boys and girls who had to go fight for his lies and company are now back here, some of them without limbs or eyes and various other un-transplantable issues. GOOD JOB GOP CONS, NICE WORK !!!! Liberals have often spoken out against unjust war, Cons only speak out against paying their share of taxes.

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      • So now all wars are caused by republican's Danny? Please review the party that was in the White House for each of the wars over the past hundred years and then get back to us.

        I'm also wondering why there's no outrage from you over the recent disclosure that the Obama administration had an undisclosed opinion from the Justice Department that provides the justification for drone strikes against Americans? Not a peep out of you on that one.

        Why not trying to be at least a little objective in your thinking.

    • Blue, you just get more and more amusing. That's got to be one of the stupidest over generalizations from you to date which is saying a lot Simple? More like simpleton Blue.

    • No, most all doctors, who practice real medicine in the trenches HATE Obamacare because we know what is coming,,

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • If we want to dive into the idiocy of his statement, republicans and other like minded folks on the left agreed, is that the health care system needed to be reformed. We needed to deal with up to 30 million uninsured people. Our approach would have been to address that problem along with others such as preexisting conditions, record keeping, portability etc. What was not neccesary to fix the problems was a government take over of the system that creates disincentives for some employers to continue providing health insurance for their employees.

        The chronic problem with many on the left is that they lack critical thinking skills and are generally not deep thinkers. I will say that both Bill and Hill are not of that ilk.