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  • dr.liver dr.liver Feb 9, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Polecat is an idiot

    Which party spent all the money? Reagan, Bush, Bush. Why? If there is no money there is no government enforcement. If there is no government enforcement the corporations and wealthy can do what they please. The only thing between you and the wealthy is the governmant or your gun. Russia could not afford barbed wire to rebuild the iron curtain when Reagan balloned the defense budget. Russian military was putting plywood planes on runways. 1 in 800 Russian tanks worked. It was a ruse to steal your tax money. I could go on and on. Now your getting the bill Mr. Unread Wingnut. Stop your whining. When reagan said. Mr. Gorbachov take down this wall it already was down in most of Europe. Now take a look at Iran Contra and you will get a beek full. Guns-drugs-money-Iran-Bush paying off Iran to keep the hostages. Stop reading comic books. Read about Barry Segal. Did you know George H. Bush was hit by a bullet? SEE! You are a hollow can blowing down the street. DO YOU HAVE A PICKUP WITH A BIG BIG FLAG ON IT?

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