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  • keep_investing keep_investing Feb 10, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    There are some problems with Gary's latest interview Seeking Alpha

    1 - The interview was done by Michael J. Ray who ownes shares of ACTC, making him a totally biased interviewer, and this showed trhoughout the interview

    2 - Gary - I recognize that there is a small, but vocal, group of investors that think the reverse split and the NASDAQ listing is not a good thing. Those people are wrong.

    Keep - Really Gary, when the truth is that "a reverse stock split is often used to prop up a stock’s price, since the price rises on the split. Often a company will do a reverse split to keep the stock price from falling below the minimum required by the stock exchange where it is listed.
    Clearly, this is a sign that something is wrong if a company can’t keep its stock price above the exchange’s minimum listing price and caution is advised."
    And the major reason the share price is not up is because there's essentially no revenues. ACTC is a speculative play period, and until there's proven efficacy, it will remain that way.

    3 - Gary - The bulletin boards are no place for a legitimate, world-class biotech company. There are many reasons for this. The primary reason is that when one is sitting in a room with a really sophisticated institutional investor, it is impossible to get them to invest if you are on the bulletin boards. You have to spend the first ten minutes of the meeting trying to explain why you are a legitimate company but your stock trades on the bulletin boards.

    Keep - then why have a BIO CEO & Investor Conference Feb 11 -12 at the Waldrof Astoria in NYC, if it's impossible to get them to invest? It seems like a waste of money, to me.

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    • Keep:

      Some facts to deal with as an ACTC investor:

      -A reverse split by its nature is simply a capital restructuring of the Company. ACTC, with 2.2 billion shares outstanding is definitely a candidate in need of financial restructuring due to its historic toxic financing arrangements made to avoid bankruptcy and closing their doors.

      -Yes, these financial credit instruments, in retrospect, were a huge mistake, but certainly necessary at the time they were entered into. Consequently, they destroyed the capital structure of the Company.

      -ACTC is the only stem cell play with an FDA clinical trial in advanced stages of Phase I/II and results from the trials a beyond original expectations. This means there is a good chance the science works and will result in a successful launch of a new defensive response to a blindness threat to millions.

      -Safety was the primary goal of the current trials and they have passed the Safety Review Board oversight and conclusions with flying colors.

      -The only way to get the stock price up is through the very necessary reverse split that will accomplish many of the things outlined in Gary's interview, depsite the risks inherent with reverse splits.

      -Genuine Investors look to the science for comfort before investing. Day traders and ignorant investors get frightened by reverse splits because they have just not done their homework or simply don't understanding what is going on with this Company and the launch pad it is driving to.

      -I have said this on earlier posts, as a financial executive of publicly traded entities, the bottom line will be the market cap of ACTC once their science is given a great light by the FDA for the AMD program. This value, in my financial opinion, could be from $3-7 billion, present value to a big Pharma entity, especially with a needle ready solution.

      Either buy in on facts, or get out and don't pushing this message board deeper into the cesspool.

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    • So Keep, I generally agree with your first point but the author did disclose his conflict so we have to be fair about that. It certainly was a cream puff interview.

      You are correct that the vast majority of RS are to try and salvage failing companies. That is what makes ACT's unique in that they are doing it to uplist so that the potential of the company can one day be reached. Of course they are also fixing the problem created by using the stock as currency for so many years.

      On the 3rd, I still feel that since we are the lead company in this industry we need to be seen at these conferences. And it does keep things primed with the investor community for when we are investable.

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      • Keep, not showing up would be suicidal. It’s like the lions not showing up for the draft because the suck. You have to be in the game, not let STEM & BTX look like the leaders. Maybe they wont invest now, but GR will make great contacts for 2014 when he is looking for more financing. I for one support him 100% in being there and it’s NY so the Pastrami on rye will be awesome-screw the shrimp.


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      • Minn & Theres, the thing that bothers about Gary is he blames others for the low stock price, when in reality moving the stock price higher should be the top priority of the CEO. Remember, he blamed the shareholders fro the share price drop that stopped the RS. Leaders don't blame, they go out and fix the problem, or at least they are honest about whats causing it.

    • So, Gary, et al should stop presenting because we're not on a major exchange, yet? They should stop alerting potential investors to the science and groundbreaking technology?

      Yeah, you'd be satisfied with that approach? Sigh ...

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      • "So, Gary, et al should stop presenting because we're not on a major exchange, yet?"

        Minn, did you read what Gary said? Here it is again; "The primary reason is that when one is sitting in a room with a really sophisticated institutional investor, it is impossible to get them to invest if you are on the bulletin boards. " So why is he spending money and time at the Waldorf Astoria trying to sell them something he believes to be impossible to sell, huh?

    • Keep,
      In case you haven't noticed, most SA aricles are written by bloggers who are either long or short their subject stock. They disclose it at the top of the article ... so, you take it ALL with a grain of salt. Nobody said the article was gospel! And if they did, that would be a negative for some here, I suppose!

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      • I like you Keep, you're not a crazed right-winger, so far as I can tell - since this board is full of them posting all the time - but you're still completely incorrect on the reverse split, and also, though the author discloses his ownership, I don't think it matters. It's an interview. He is asking questions of Gary, and Gary is ANSWERING. The Answers are the substance of the article, not the questions.

        This is an uplisting that will allow institutional investors and change the nature of the market maker's role in the shares. While there is no guarantee that it will go up, I think, despite your thoughts otherwise, that with the kind of news that is pending, and this is my personal opinion, it will have no material affect on current investors, ultimately, and will skyrocket the market cap, which is a very good thing for current shareholders. This is no recommendation, as I'm not professional and this is just my personal opinion, and YES, I own shares.

        By the way Keep, you point a finger at the author of the article, as though it's a crime to own shares. Do you currently own any shares? It sure has not sounded like it given your posts. It's rare that a shareholder would be so absolutely, consistently negative. If you do, and this is not a recommendation, but in my experience, someone with your disposition, is best off selling and moving on, no matter what the loss, no matter what happens. Peace of mind is a good thing if you really think the way you do about this company.

        Also, by the way, it's not just right-wingers who are against this company. Also Greenpeace in Europe has been against embryonic research. So we have that going for us too. Just about everyone against hesc research, is horribly misguided though, in my opinion.

      • I believe you are right. In any event, we'll see what happens after the conference. In my opinion, ACTC needs to present their business plan and how to make money from their technology/ies.

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