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  • dickw3939 dickw3939 Feb 10, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    Has President Obama committed impeachable offenses?

    Many lawyers say he has. Does congress have the guts to start the proceedings? Issues like Fast and Furious and targeted killing of American citizens without due process would weigh heavily against him. There are others. Disbelievers will differ but a trial should decide.

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    • georgie156 Feb 11, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

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    • Unconventional tactics, require an unconventional response.

      No one ever wants innocents to be harmed. But before getting too sympathetic, recall the hundreds of road side bombs, suicide vests, mortars etc. that have been unleashed on our troops and civilians. Capture sounds nice until you consider that we get little cooperation from the governments and the targets live in areas that makes it virtually impossible for us to walk in and grab them.

      I've seen nothing to suggest that our efforts are indiscriminate but still mistakes happen.

    • you not support the drone strikes?

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      • Lars, the real question in this regard is ...... Do you support and respect the Constitutional rights of all Americans? This is all encompassing. I don't believe anybody is weeping over tfhe demise of Awlaaki but, in the big picture, where does this lead? This administration all to often seems to push the Constitution aside if it gets in the way, a very dangerous action. Where does it stop? It is really hard to conceive how anyone who was so upset with water boarding would support drone strikes against U.S. citizens. At any rate, you must look at how this affects thee rights of all the rest.

      • Drone strikes have it's purpose, time and place in our military operations. However, to deploy drone strikes in our war on terror is poorly executed and mismanaged, because of the more than 3000 killed, only 1/4 have been the intended target. The 3/4 have been innocent civilians...babies, women and children. Also a lot of property damamge.

        My question is, why couldn't we have captured some of the intended targets, and gleaned some actionable intelligence from them? This is why, contrary to the propaganda that Al Qaeda was, dead and on the run, they have festered and thrived, because we have no clue about the mechanics of their mentality and their internal structure and strategy.

        As a result we got Benghazi, Mali, Algeria oil compay attack, and the Maghreb teaming with Al Qaeda insurgent activities. Some drone strikes could argueably invoke at best, impeachment precedings, and at worst, war crimes! The high number of drone strikes could arguably also be seen as divertionary bluster for the appearance of a "successful" prosecution of the war on terror.