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  • dickw3930 dickw3930 Feb 11, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    Right Wingers are happy they actually have a brilliant black guy in their stable (Dr. Carson)


    The problem is that he is considered a great medical doctor, Medical school did not make him an expert on tax policy. The flat tax won't work and has a snowballs chance in he11 of becoming law. No matter how you do the math it shifts the tax burden from higher income people to lower income people. Lower income people need a lower tax burden so they can afford to get an education for themselves and their children and have a reliable car so they can make it to work everyday. If people don't have an opportunity to work hard and afford education we end up with a larger number of "welfare queens"

    I have to admit though, this is a huge improvement from the clown Clarence Thomas who sits on the Supreme Court and goes years without saying a single word.

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