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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Feb 21, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    Prisoners collecting Unemplyment?

    PA, Arizona, Minnesota, etc. Prisoners are getting paid jobless benefits. Ya just can't make this up....What is wrong with these progressives. Their stated goal is to overwhelm the system and collapse it,. At this rate, America may be no more in 4 years....Then what, Mao suits and bowl hair cuts for all? This "free ride" will come to an end VERY soon, when the gravy train blows up.

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    • of course...
      this shows again just how stupid libs are...

    • Right you are fraudleyz and the problem seems to be a failure of adequate record keeping and checking at the State level.

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    • It's called fraud fraud and nobody supports fact Obama cracked down on record medicare fraud so rather than whine we just support bipartisan measures to reduce the problem....its people like you that want to politicize everything that is part of the problem rather than the solution....why you have not made my ignore list yet is a mysterious feat only rivaled by the great houdini

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      • Oh come on last bull. You know there is now evil that is not somehow a result of Obama being elected. Pretty sure his hand is in the big storm coming across the country and this latest drop in the market. Bet he had something to do with ACTC not being able to hold the .09s as well. He is so tricky that he can be a Muslim and the member of an anti American Church at the same time. I think in the near future he will be visiting every household and give everyone bowl haircuts so we all look like Moe on the Three Stooges. Not to worry all those super brain GOPers like Palin and Cruz will straighten it all out.