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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Feb 25, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    elk, in reference to your earlier post.


    elk, reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I said give me one example of theft in the last century or this century.

    In the 18th and 19th century slaughtering people and stealing their land was considered moral. This practice for expansion had been going on ever since man walked on two legs. Every country in the world was formed by this kind of expansion. It was how things were done and it was considered moral by those doing it. To judge past morals by today's morals is kind of stupid and it certainly isn't done by putting things in perspective.

    I also believe your rant on just how brutal we were in the developing countries is completely unrealistic and is without historical and social perspective. It would take me pages to give you a world history lesson. Your view is typical of the left's propagandized view of world history where the US is the evil force in the world. No matter what I say or what proofs I offer you and your left wing US hating pals will never change your or their minds so why should I even waste my time?

    Most of the world is run and has been run by brutal dictators. In the Middle East they have been run by brutes for thousands of years. In Africa it has been brutal tribal warfare. Until about 20 years ago all of Latin America, except for Costa Rica, was run by dictators. Mexico in the early 1900s had the PRI party that ran the country until just a few years ago.

    You say we supported the Shah of Iran. The Shah was westernizing Iran. Under him women were getting rights and wearing western clothes. Look at what replaced him. You talk as if the Islamic regime that replaced the Shah is a good thing. In my opinion no matter who runs these Middle Eastern countries, they will always be an area of instability and bloodshed.

    We either had to become isolationist or deal with these brutes. You and your US haters paint things as black and white. Nothing is black and white.

    I will leave you with this. I lived in a developing country that was run by a bloody dictator. I would go to sleep at night to the rattle of gun fire. I had friends that were murdered, jailed and tortured (real torture, not water boarding) so I don't have to imagine what it is like to live under these conditions and I certainly don't have listen to the uninformed loony rants of a brainwashed left wing nut case who has no idea what he is talking about.

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    • In order to make their greedy profits, the conservative Republicans continues to this day to slaughter millions of Americans to increase their business profits. At this very second, Republicans support the slaughter of Americans for no other reasons than to make pure profit. Every year over a couple of hundreds of thousands of Americans are slaughtered, so that businesses can make profit. Over decades, millions of American smokers have been slaughtered, so that cigarette companies, and tobacco farmers can make their greedy profits. The Republicans have for years and for decades worked very hard to block legislations to end this slaughter of millions upon millions of Americans. Republicans block any attempts to outlaw cigarettes, so that cigarette companies and tobacco farmers can make their greedy profits, that cause the slaughter of millions of Americans, as wells as the slaughter of more millions worldwide. More Americans have died of cigarette smoking than all of the Indian wars, the Civil War, WW1, WW2, and other conflicts put together, so that some greedy business people can make their greedy money.

      The evil morals of the greedy business people continues to this day.

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      • I can't tell if this idiotic rant is just abt smoking of all business. And all those tobacco companies were owned and run by republicans, as were the distributors. All of the farmers were republican. And of course no Democrats supported the tobacco lobby. I forgot to mention that all of the print radio and television companies and the ad agencies were all republican.

        It is beyond stupid to blame this solely on republicans.

    • You said: "In the 18th and 19th century slaughtering people and stealing their land was considered moral."

      The problem with the ultra conservatives is that they still practice your 18th and 19th century morals of stealing wealth from others.

      For example, the big banks to "steal" more money from credit card users, the big banks bypassed state usury laws by incorporating in Dakota. The big companies "steal" workers' jobs by outsourcing factories. The big oil companies "steal" consumers money by forcing the nation to depend on foreign oil by trashing high car milage laws, and by trashing alternative energy research and development. The only reason that the grabbing of westerner (and eastern) native American land has ceased is that all the land had been grabbed. Without more land to grab from the powerless native Americans, the super rich now are grabbing wealth from the powerless poor, and the middle-class. Wealth grabbing continues unabated by the super rich and powerful. Bankers are bypassing state usury laws by incorporating in Dakota to perpetrate wealth grabbing from the poor and the middle-class. Big oil companies are using their power to force consumers to depend on expensive oil imported from OPEC cartels to grab wealth off of the consumers after trashing high milage car laws, and after trashing alternative energy development. If given the power, big oil companies and their OPEC business associates will probably trash the move to frac natural gas and frac oil. Wait and see.

      The greed and grabbing mentally and evil moral of the super rich and powerful have not change over time. Their methods may look different than in the pass, because the world looks different as time passes, but their greed and grabbing mentality have not change. Now paid bashers, conservative posting nut jobs, hedge funds, shorts, and religious fanatics are all over the small biotech's to profit from trashing the small biotech's, which overtime will cause delays in medical developments that will cause the deaths of untold numbers of sick patients. No, the evil morals of the greedy has not changed. They continue to try to profit when they cause death. The greed people now are slaughtering sick patients. The slaughtering continues by the greedy to profit, and by the fanatics to satisfy their sick moral viewpoints.

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      • You are so naive Cags. Again, so all of the good corporate leaders are democrats and the scoundrels are republican? And what about those thousands of non US companies? How about the aggressive ones run by the Chinnese?

        What you called greed, most corporations would call survival tactics? Think its so easy to stay in business - tell me how many of the original Dow industrial companies still exist today? South Dakota and for that matter Delaware passes laws favorable to certain businesses how can a business not go there when it would put them at a disadvantage versus their competitors?

        More to the point is it would take volumes to cover all of the positive things that corporations have done for humankind. Just say "thank you" and shut up.

      • To say your rant on the wealthy is a over reaction would be, indeed, an understatement, You obviously abhor capitalism. You sound like an indoctrinated eastern European who is still clinging to his communist roots. Am I getting warm? Did you ever stop to think what made this country the envy of the world? Why did so many people wish to come here? It is people like you who with their vote have brought so much trouble to this nation. You know you don't have to be here. Either get educated or find another place to contaminate.