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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Feb 26, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    Doesn't it worry the socialists on this MB that when we go bankrupt like much of Europe,


    you will no longer get a welfare check?

    Who will pay for your drugs and Mad Dog 20/20.

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    • You seem to know a lot about the life. Take the $5k that grandpa willed you buy some work boots and go fight for work with the mexicans at HD

    • Is there anyone on this MB who doesn't believe this country is being purposely being led to economic acollapse? The aim would be to reestablish it as a second rate socialist/Marxist state with little influence in world affairs. This theory is avoided like the plague for fear of being branded as a conspiracy nut. But, what if..........? We have as president a man who hides his past and seems to relish every oppor4tunity to run up the national debt. His sole mission seems to be to raise taxes and spend, spend, spend. His party avoids offering a fiscal budget annually. When he assumed power his first order of business was to appoint certain individuals to high ranking government positions and, of all things, called them TSARS. Just a coincidence? Can it happen to this country with all its checks and balances? Well, maybe it already has. I believe many have thought about this but are afraid to speak out for whatever reason. I await the inevitable scathing liberal insults and conspiracy accusations from the left wing fools.