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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Mar 8, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    Oh look, some GOP CON on here wants to emulate me! I got under their skin again, LOL.

    That's always a total compliment when some passive aggressive GOP CON wants to take your screen name and change it a little bit, like somehow people won't know, because I've gotten under their skin and they just hate it !!! EXCELLENT !!! Like I've said over and over, you only prove me to be right when you acknowledge me, and the more you bash me the more I-and everyone sane-knows I am correct. This is way cool and I thank you for caring !!! I'm just wondering who it is, someone unoriginal, angry and bitter at being a losing Republican-GOD, that could be any number of GOP CON losers onn here-theresno, bearclawe,-all the "authoritarians" who you dare not question their pseudo-intellectualism-like #$%$ Cheney-who by the way has written in his book that after 5000 American G.I. deaths, 100,000 plus Iraqi deaths and 2 wars that are on Obama's national credit card, and failed economy and the American publics loss of privacy forever-#$%$ Cheney said he "has no regrets" Another Authoritarian sociopath with no soul, empathy guilt or responsibilty for any of your past actions. This is who the GOP CONS are, no regrets for destroying this country but they act like they know everything-Bearclawe, therenoguilt and the rest on here. No wonder they bash me, they hate truth tellers !!!! LOL, and that's why your party is in total shambles and keeps LOSING. LOL.

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