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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Mar 16, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    Once Caught in a LIE, Why should America Trust you?

    America can not TRUST you!

    Carney said it was the WH that shutdown the WH tours. The next day, POTUS said it was the Secret Service who shutdown the tours due to short staff issues. The next day Carney again told America it was the Secret Service who told the WH to shutdown the WH tours. Since when does anyone tell POTUS what to do?

    Who is LYING here, POTUS, Carney, or the Secret Service?

    Remember the "fiscal cliff"?, followed by the SCAREquester, with all the scarey gorey details the POTUS was flying around America serving...Alas came MARCH 01, 2013. NOTHING happened. Then came the tampering with the lives of Americans to inflict pain to justify the effects of the "sequester" GI bill money cut to scuttle the promise made to the men and women who defend/defended our freedoms. Why punish our brave soldiers to cover a LIE?

    Remember Benghazi?, same pattern. First it was Suzie baby with the video "spontaneous" riots caused by the video. (2) POTUS was "briefed" but NEVER called back to see how his subjects were doing, but chose to go to Vegas to "spin the wheel". (3) My uncle Joe then said "we didn't know it was terrorism. (4) POTUS said "we didn't know....(5) Hillary yelled and lashed out, "what difference does it make...."? Yeah, it makes a big freaking difference when we have 4 dead Americans and America is being LIED to!

    Remember Fast and furious? same old pattern of lies and stone walling.

    Leading from behind, LIES, manufactured crises, blame gaming, finger pointing, Kabuki theaters, shiny objects, innocent kids as props, and the list goes on and on. Can America trust this Administration, I Think NOT!