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  • godfreydaniel36 godfreydaniel36 Mar 18, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

    Craig, how I cured my "broken bone".

    I had read several of Wilheln Reich's books and recalled him writing that disease results from a blockage of the natural flow of energy, whether the blockage is physical, or emotional. So, I remembered that expansion and contraction causes movement. Sort of like when I apply heat from a propane torch to a rusty
    "nut". In this nut case, no pun intended, (my left nut was about 2X size!) I thought to apply heat and cold. Got two 2 qt sauce pans and filled one with ice cubes. Took them up to the bathroom, got in the tub, filled one with cold water, the other, hot water. Submersed them alternating each pan until water became tepid, repeated the operation, and as they say ; the rest is his-tory. It was a shocking experience! But, henceforth, I did not need to walk bow-legged! However, the situation remained "delicate" for several years. The urologist said I injured my epididymis. fp and I took a beating with AEMD, today, in my case, even worse than ACTC!