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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Mar 21, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

    The loony left only gets upset when the evil Republicans do things like this. I want to know why DHS is buy so many bullets and weapons.


    Don't you? It's our duty to hold our government accountable no matter who is in power. DHS along with the rest of our government works for us and should be open and keep us informed.

    What happened to the most transparent admin in history? This should bother all of us, the loony left and the evil Republicans alike:

    Big Sis Refuses To Answer Congress On Bullet Purchases
    DHS staying mum as members probe for explanations

    Steve Watson

    Mar 21, 2013

    Speaking at CPAC with Infowars and We Are Change reporter, Luke Rudkowski, Congressman Timothy Huelscamp revealed this week that the Department of Homeland Security has refused to answer questions from “multiple” members of Congress regarding its recent purchase of huge amounts of weapons and ammunition.

    “They have no answer for that question. They refuse to answer to answer that,” Huelscamp said.

    “I’ve got a list of various questions of agencies about multiple things. Far from being the most transparent administration in the world, they are the most closed and opaque,” the Congressman added.

    “They refuse to let us know what is going on, so I don’t really have an answer for that. Multiple members of Congress are asking those questions,” he added.

    “It comes down to during the budget process, during the appropriations process, are we willing to hold DHS’s feet to the fire?”

    “We’re going to find out… I say we don’t fund them ’til we get an answer. Those type of things really challenge Americans. They are worried about this administration,” Huelscamp urged

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