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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Mar 24, 2013 8:30 PM Flag

    O/T- The Devaluation of the Dollar

    It is happening right before our very eyes and life is going to painful for most,, we will wake up one morning and the dollar will no longer be the worlds currency,, the stupid politicians have done this to us,, we cannot continue to print money and think it does not have a negative effect,, it is becoming devalued and there be no recovery,, the powers of the world are stop using the dollar as its world currency,, best stock up on food, water, bullets, gold , silver and general things you can trade,,

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    • We can't even pay the interest on the money we borrow but yet those moron continue to borrow,, Obamacare is going to cost a fortune and it will overall be substandard care for what you get today,,
      When inflation hits, a gallon of milk will be over 10 dollars, if you can find it,,
      That idiot Obama does not think we are in trouble but I think he is doing this on purpose to see his agenda for a nanny state,, we are so in trouble,,

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    • I do not agree with most of your posts , opinions , etc ! However? You are correct about the US $ not being the 'reserve currency' or 'worlds currency' as you stated in the near future. Many countries such as Australia, China, Japan , India , Russia , Iran , Saudi Arabia, Argentina, just to mention a few , are already signing "S D R" agreements to move away from the US $ not being the 'reserve currency' . Within the next 5 - 10 years the US $ will end being worthless . What happens then? Inflation will be worse than the days of President Jimmy Carter or the "Great Depression" . When the US $ is no long the 'reserve currency' the "Great Depression" will look like a "walk in the park" ! Yes folks !! Its true ! The USA is the only country in the world that prints Tens of Billions of US $'s every month to inject into the USA economy ... to the tune of $1 trillion per year . The USA government calls this : "QE or Quantitative Easing" !! When the US $ collapses the USA economy will be destroyed and your current US dollars will be worth half which leads to massive inflation , etc !

    • C, it is a crying shame this is happening and to think it is abetted by our own citizens and certain politicians is worse.. In my own mind I see this as being purposely driven but I must be the only one because no one ever mentions anything like that. There must be something wrong when the top man says he sees no problem with the national debt. Our representatives and the media have let us down.

    • What the hell is so hard to understand that thefed is propping up the market by printing money and every dollar printed is worth less than the one before it,, you cannot continue to borrow money that can't possibly be paid back,, several countries have stopped using the dollar as the world currency and have gone to their own or gold,, If we keep doing this then the dollar will be dumped as the world currency and won't be worth a shiet,, again, you cannot borrow money you can't payback and printing phantom money will not fix it,,

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    • Not true. Today the $ is up compared to the Euro, Yen, and others. Too strong a currency makes trade difficult. A weaker currency makes our goods abroad cheaper. Leave currency to market forces. Stop blaming our president for all your ills. We are doing much better over all.

      Corps. which are NOT people (Romney said this!) should pull out of China which has artifucially devalued thei currency is not a true or honest player in the world's econ. Corps there pay the people slave wages and keep them in with barbed wire fences. They pay no corp tax here either as even corps here do not. WE pay them. Small business pays them. Penalize big corps for offhoring jobs. They are not built to keep people out as Romney said and would have us believe. Leave the Communist countries alone. Bring our jobs back to America.

      GLTALs - Say, what about ACTC? This is stock mb after all.

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      • Jobs are slowly coming back. America has more productive/skilled workers than any other nation. A few corps realize trhat fact and are building again here in the USA. Now they are given tax encentives, too. Average pay disparity between CEOs amd upper management here is a disgrace. Average workers' average pay equates to1968's. It has not been adjusted for inflation since. Even the minimum pay is way behind the inflationary curve. Goods made here are of good quality and do not fall apart as the Chinese stuff does. Several large corps in mid west and even Apple on the west coast realize this. Our workers are the best. Many have spent monies on education getting better skills and are working hard for 1/2 of what they earned in 2002. Less greedy Corps are realizing this; but this will be a slow change for the better. The class of 1949s graduate MBAs (educated on the GI Bill post WWII received 10 tmes what the average worker earned. With all the abject greed today, it is well over 1000 - 2000 times as much! Both political parties are at fault.
        When currency is devalued, exported goods are cheaper abroad. That is simply why China manipulates there's. NOt playing on a level playing field as Japan did for many years. - 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. In 90s, Japan had their horrible decade stagnation and near economic collapse.
        Nobel prize winning economist, Paul Krugman has it right. Stimulas primes the pump of a nation's economy. He is a cholar of the great depression. John Maynard Keyns was correct. Our MBA professor educated us on al econo,mc theory. Every american should possess and MBA. We are a mostly Capiitalistic (takes risks as ij small businesses) society. Let's implement it. Seems like large corps in US enjoy Govt. provided Socialism using OUR tax dollars - a much larger % of the US pie than our Govt, funded Medicade & welfare checks for the poor. The Pentagon uses the most.
        Govts.need both true conservatives and liberals.

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      • Jobs lost will never come back-you need a new industry. Keep in mind that most exchange students went back to their countries and are w/o work today ie: Egypt. That's what Romney meant. Maybe 1/2 the country feels better off-but the other 1/2 works harder than ever to maintain their lifestyles-we're not Japanese! Blaming Bam is easy-because we know it won't get better w/him-even Congress thinks they're on welfare and don't have to work.

    • if you have no clue how the US monetary policy works why would you post on a message board.

    • SocGen: Gold Is Going To Tank To $1,375 This Year
      Mamta Badkar | Mar. 21, 2013, 1:56 PM | 4,287 | 26

      Over the last 20-years, gold has shown zero correlation with stocks and bonds, and had therefore become a favorite in terms of diversifying the portfolio, according to Societe Generale.
      But SocGen analysts Alain Bokobza and Roland Kaloyan think "The Gold Rush Is Over".

      Gold is well off it's 52-week high of $1,802. And the analysts expects gold to fall 15 percent from its spot price to $1,375 per ounce by year end. This is more bearish than the consensus view which is 30 percent above SocGen's, with a forecast of $1,750 per ounce.

      In a report published earlier this year, the analysts wrote that they expect gold prices to fall for four key reasons.

      1. Stronger U.S. dollar - Gold prices have shown a 75 percent correlation with the USD trade-weighted index. And SocGen analysts expect the dollar to strengthen by the end of the year on stronger housing data, job data, and recent talk about winding down QE even though there is no specific date yet.

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      • Wes, you are an economic genius (in your own mind.) No sooner do you make a reasonable statement then it's off on some partisan political rant blaming somebody else for all the world's problems. Until you can recognize and rationalize the failure of this administration's economic policy, nobody is going to listen to you. The day of reckoning for the dollar is coming soon.

    • Apparently you don't really know what you are talking about:

      1. During the end of the Clinton Administration, beginning of Bush, the EURO was at .89 (eighty nine cents) to the DOLLAR. Your guy and your complete control of Congress and the Supreme Court ruined the dollar.

      2. Right now, the dollar is quite strong and coming back compared to the EURO and Yen, the WAN is supposed to go up, but I doubt it will go up. Gold is crashing.

      I' m sorry, but what are you frikin' talking about. You haven't the slightest clue. Additionally, everyone else WANTS a weak currency, hence the headlines about "currency war" as it allows one to have a stronger EXPORT sector. That's why China manipulates their currency. HELLO?! Anyone home?