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  • elk_1l elk_1l Mar 25, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    OT: Michele Bachmann Accidentally Booked on Gay Cruise

    Mar. 25, 2013, The Daily Currant

    Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, accidentally set sail on a gay cruise today following a misunderstanding with a travel agency.

    The six day jaunt on the all-gay Atlantis Cruise Lines was mistakenly booked after Marcus Bachmann visited a Minneapolis travel agent who assumed he was gay.

    Although the couple has reportedly requested to leave the ship, it won't reach its next port in The Bahamas for another three days. The pair are currently holed up in their suite waiting to disembark and return to Miami by air.

    Phillip Jennings, a partner at North Star Travel agency in Minnesota, is deeply apologetic over the incident and explains how the mishap occurred.

    "Mr. Bachmann came into our office three weeks ago," Jennings says. "He said he wanted to book a cruise for himself and his partner 'Michele'.

    "From his demeanor, I assumed that Mr. Bachmann was gay and that 'Michel' was a man who pronounced his name in the French way. So I booked them on one of our finest all-gay cruises in the Caribbean.

    "In retrospect it was unprofessional of me to assume his sexual orientation. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this misunderstanding has caused and we have offered to fully refund the cost of the Bachmanns' trip."

    Marcus the Bear

    The unexpected detour for the Bachmanns during Congress' recess is especially ironic given their stated opposition to the "homosexual lifestyle."

    Michele has vociferously opposed same-sex marriage from her perch in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Marcus operates a counseling center which advocates "pray the gay away" reparative therapy.

    The duo's anti-gay positions don't seem to be causing any animosity aboard the Rainbow Warrior, however. A source on board the vessel says Marcus has attracted the attention of the passengers and was even voted "cutest bear" on the ship's traditional Bear vs. Twink night.

    "I think he's absolutely delicious," says Albert Goldman, a sous chef from Palm Beach, Fla. "I just want to pour truffle oil on top and eat him up!"

    Michele for her part is having difficulty adjusting to not being the center of attention. But in an exclusive interview from the ship's satellite phone the Christian firebrand explains that the experience is not all bad.

    "Obviously I don't agree with 95 percent of what's been happening around me," she says, "but they do have a fantastic hair salon, and some really nice shoe shops. So I'm trying to make the best of it."

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    • I have a sister who is lesbian and she took my wife and I to a gay bar a few years back,, I will have to say that the bathrooms were the cleanest I've ever been in,, there was however much variety of fruit,, the funny ones were the ones that dressed up in cowboy and police suits,, not sure what the deal is with that,, very nice folks,,

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    • Funny, but if only it were true it would be hilarious, but there's no doubt that most people meeting Marcus Bachmann for the first time would naturally assume that he is gay,. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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      • I'm a girl- but I think you're more qualified, b,itch. I saw the movie last night you probably forget things from the night before. I like "fade to black" because I don't have to explain it to the kids. You wish you've been in as many underground, after-hours gay clubs as I've been in-you could watch them all making out after they hit the punch bowl. You come out!

      • Her hubby Marcus has that Merv Griffin thing going on. I remember he tried to say he wasn't gay and then the lawsuits started coming out of the woodwork and mysteriously just went away, like John take it up my shoot Travolta's have just gone away too. That is just way too funny that the travel agent who booked Marcus' cruise just assumed he was gay by his demeanor-like 99 percent of anyone who's ever met him has done. It's so funny that they are hiding away in their room until the ship docks, which means 3 days in that room. Marcus must be thinking to himself, "so close, yet so far". Imagine being stuck in a room with Michelle Bachman and her insanity? HEHEHEHE, what a tool.

      • Wow, Deme is funny. He really has thought about the "gay" thing in detail hasn't he? "two guys making out" and then he even knew 2 guys who were making out in a movie and thought of it and remembered it !!! Deme, come out, come out, wherever you are and YO, don't try to shoot your gayness away big GUY. LOL.