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  • suretowin suretowin Mar 26, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Obama supporters

    unemployment is a 7.8%, gas is over $4 a gallon, we are 16 trillion in debt, health insurance rates have sky rocketed, business is hiring people part-time to avoid paying health insurance cost, the govt is printing 4 billion a month, more people are on food stamps than ever before and the govt is hiring just to get unemployment checks to people because there are so many applying for and receiving unemployment checks. housing is a disaster, for sale sign everywhere with no buyers, the market is being prop up by the 4 billion pump into the economy each month and the fact that businesses are asking employees to do more because they have cut back on overhead (eliminating positions to cut cos)t,the economy has never been worst. Now i know you like the president and that's find but when this economy collapses remember it will affect you, if you have a pension, a 401k or any investment, i would love to see this president turn this economy around but 5 years and the mess we are in, tells me he cant get it done . his policies are bad and he doesn't have the experience to correct his mistakes. to bad because it not what we think, its how history will judge the president, if you don't
    believe me ask jimmy carter,

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    • I think you are reading last years papers. This is for you from my buddy Josh:

      Get Your #$%$ Together

      Joshua M Brown February 5th, 2012
      Disorienting, ain't it?

      There you were, muddling through just like you've been told to do for the last four years and all of a sudden people start talking about a way out, a beginning of an end to the stagnation. Apparently there are economic reports that are consistently improving. Slowly but undeniably.

      "We don't have to live to like this forever, you mean?"

      No, you don't. You can get up off the ground now and do something. You can guard your face with one glove instead of two now, you can use the other glove to throw a few jabs, go on offense for a change.

      Remember what offense felt like? Remember what it felt like to move forward with plans and schemes and dreams - without having to steal a glance behind every day looking for the sucker punch? Without looking out for the next systemic left hook coming to bash you sideways? Feels pretty good to go on offense - let the other guy know you're still punching.

      We've all been through the ringer. Some of us have gained a little extra weight and sprouted some premature white hairs. Some of us have had to give up things and activities we loved. Some of us have downsized our lifestyles substantially. This economy has cost us all something - vacations, cars, jobs and even marriages.

      And when you're living in a state of lowered expectations for so long, it becomes easy to imagine that this is the way it has to be. That this is it and the best you can do is not get killed.


      But what happens if the treadmill speeds up beneath our feet?

      What if this is for real now after so many stutters and stoppages?

      What if people keep getting jobs and giving jobs?

      What if the malls and the restaurants and the morning commuter trains start filling up again?

      Are you ready for that? Have you done anything over the last few years to set up for that possibility?

    • suretowin -

      Did you know all the issues you address can go away in a heartbeat if you change your government? Nota Bene: Changing your President of those in your Congress is not changing your government.

      Don't like your unemployment? The right government can dictate 0% unemployment.

      Don't like your gas prices? The right government can dictate 25 cent per gallon gasoline.

      You might not like that government, because it will not be a representative democratice process government operating in a largely free market environment.

      If you prefer a democratice process government, including but not limited to free speech rights by which you post the drivel you post, and you like the largely free market environment you currently have, which affords you the forum to post the drivel you post, you need to come to grips with the fact your government does not control or driect you economic functions. Never has and never will. That you and/or other linear thinkers can correlate economic activity with a particular President is, at the minimum, a false equivilency.


    • Sure, First of all it's not fare to compare anyone to Jimmy Carter. Second, Obama inherited an economy on tghe brink of depression and it was only thru Bernanke’s engineering that it was avoided. The problem as you know is that by avoiding it we kicked the can down the road. As a result we get very low growth as it takes forever for the excess to be removed from the economy. This is starting to happen in housing and would in banking if they would raise rates a little and let those who need to fail or downsize do so. The price of Gold as peaked (my humble opinion) and this indicates things are stabilizing at a minimum. we are not Japan and will continue to grow at a moderate pace. A recession is historically due again but will not happen. I think the next few years will surprise quite a few people on the upside.

    • yea bush really stuck it to if the do nothing congress would help out we can go forward.