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  • hayflicklim hayflicklim Mar 27, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

    OT Americas number one career choice

    Welfare recipient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no stress no physical expections (except for child birth) lots of time to braid your hair go to the tattoo parlor the food is as good as money can buy free child care maybe even a car free telephone no need to get a husband uncle sam will be your kids daddy that way you can sleep around uncle sam thinks that great

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    • No way-YOU couldn't live on Welfare, I'll bet you enjoy many amenities-built-in Microwave oven, etc.! Congress-I'm telling the kids to run for office!!!!!!! Practice-"Friends, Romans, Countrymen........"-my fav speech!!!!!

    • flick -

      Assuming you are anywhere to being accurate, why do you think that is?

      While you're at it, assuming you up to the task, you might want to touch upon the top down welfare recipients, i.e., coporations by and through subsidies.

      What result when you compare the two?


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      • Corporate welfare is just another side to the same problem, politicians will do anything as long as they view it as politically beneficial to themselves money, power, votes. That is why we can never do it right because the right course is never politically acceptable. We need a constitutional amendment that forces the fed back to its basic responsibilities (impossible ) Washington politicians will never willingly give up money power or votes

      • I live in New York a woman with three kids is eligible for 60,000$ in benefits and that's tax free what would you have to make to equal that.