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  • fixmr8 fixmr8 Apr 3, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    Serious problem regarding perna

    Have followed this board for a couple years for the giggles and like everyone else just laughed at the mentally challenged perna (u_clown) but today he had a post that the legal authorities should be aware of. He stated that he thought I was a 16 year old boy and in the same post asked me to touch him inappropriately, yesterday he requested that I email him, I noticed a comment to someone else today where he was laughing about sodomy, is perna the BAD MAN my mom warned me about! (Suggest anyone who doubts the facts here to check pernas post log).

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    • Thats Perna......There are ways to find out if hes a registered sex offender and Federal and state laws that would get him kicked off the board permanetly... no matter what id...Yet he mainly seems to enjoy cussing people out and threatning them which is also serious......doesnt mean he is acutaly a child molester....If he was smart..which he isnt...he would tone it he doesnt get himself in trouble.....and we dont want to lose such a brilliant 2 stem cell we? As disturbing as he is..Im sure he has some redeeming qualities...some of his posts are okay if he likes the person.... Hes probably had a rough life....and is alone..