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  • lizdan_7 lizdan_7 Apr 5, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    Question for anyone

    This was published at the begging of 2012
    Before treatment, the 51-year-old graphic artist was legally blind, unable to read a single letter on a standard eye chart. She has suffered from Stargardt’s disease, the most common form of macular degeneration in young patients, since she was a teenager, and it was getting progressively worse.

    A second patient, aged 78, suffered from dry macular degeneration — the leading cause of blindness in the elderly — and could not even see well enough to go shopping.

    But after being treated with stem cells from a donated human embryo, both women have improved dramatically, researchers revealed.

    Stem cells are master cells that can differentiate into any of the 200 kinds of cells in the human body. Their results are the first-ever report of the medical use of stem cells taken from human embryos, making them crucial barometers of whether the controversial technique will ever find widespread therapeutic uses.

    In a paper published online in The Lancet on Monday, physicians at the University of California, Los Angeles, and scientists at biotechnology company Advanced Cell Technology report that the first two patients in the clinical trial suffered no adverse health effects from the treatment and seem to have benefited from it.
    A week after having cells derived from a days-old embryo injected into her eye, the graphic artist could count fingers, and after one month she could read the top five letters on the eye chart. She can see more color and contrast, has started using her computer, and for the first time in years can read her watch and thread a needle. The macular degeneration patient recently went to the mall for the first time in years.

    NOW if this happened to be the results from patients that were legally blind after injecting Stem Cells I believe 50,000 or someone may recall maybe 100,000 stem cells. My point is they are going to and correct me if I am wrong, are going to inject 150,000 stem cells into patients that do have s

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