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  • notthatflop notthatflop Apr 7, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    OT: NC State GOP Legislature - another disaster


    If there ever was any doubt left that the GOP wants to regulate and repress people but let industry and firms do as they please, see below.

    Let Charter schools NOT perform background checks nor hire certified Teachers – welcome sexual predators. Propose state religion contrary to Constitution. Make it difficult for college kids to vote by penalizing parents with taxes. Cut unemployment benefits but raise salaries for all Secretaries of the State. Send women to jail because their breast was uncovered.

    The Newsroom show Anchor got it right when he called them – The American Taliban.

    Just a taste of what the far right wing is all about……

    From the Charlotte Observer, 4/7/2013 – Elizabeth Leland
    Lawmakers are altering the fabric of North Carolina and drawing sometimes unfavorable attention to the state with a flood of proposals, ranging from bills that would overhaul voting laws to a resolution that would allow for an official state religion.
    After national ridicule, the “Defense of Religion Act” was tabled last week in the N.C. General Assembly. But other far-reaching proposals are proceeding.
    “ ... With the GOP takeover of the legislature and the governor’s office, the world as we North Carolinians know it is up for grabs.”
    To understand the wide-ranging implications of bills pouring forth day by day, headline by headline, it helps to gather together a few of the more controversial proposals. In no particular order:

    Voting: Not only would voters have to show a government-issued photo at the polls, college students would have to go home to vote or vote absentee. If they register to vote from their college address, their parents would be barred from claiming the students as dependents on their state income tax. Early voting would be shortened. Sunday voting, straight-ticket voting and same-day registration would be eliminated. Nonpartisan judicial elections would become partisan.

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    • interesting

    • Maybe they should allow voting to start 3 years before the election--would that be enough "early voting" for you? As far as the rest of it-seems pretty forward and legitimate to me. What is wrong with a kid registering at his college (to vote there), he is claiming that as his address, is he/ she not? Therefore, they are independent, and cannot be claimed as a dependent just because they are away at college. So you propose breaking the law? Always the Democratic way--if you think they will vote Democrat. Really--you are a joke if you think these proposals are archaic or uncalled for. Your mindset is what is ruining this country, not Republicans. Democrats hold the reigns in many regions that are quickly going bankrupt, losing moral values, and denying people of the civil liberties and freedoms that they have enjoyed for hundreds of years.

    • I live in NC and I love what the government is doing. Basically, they are fixing the things that the Dems have messed up over the past 100 years. Our past governor was a joke, the one before that was a #$%$ and they all have been anti business and did all they could to give people that refused to work everything they asked for. The Republican government is a much needed and welcome change. Here are somethings that they have done or are trying to do. They are increasing the number of charter schools to allow parents to chose what type education their children will be exposed to, they are trying to eliminate vehicle inspections because a 2008 report indicated that they are useless (NC is one one of 16 states that still have the inspection requirement), they are looking at doing away with the State income tax for individuals and corporations. I could go on and on. We finally have a government that is moving forward and fixing our problems. As for voting law changes, there is nothing wrong with asking people to produce a photo ID in order to vote. Go read they bill, the legislation is doing all they can to be fair and will assist anyone that needs help in obtaining a photo id. I just wish they would pass a law that voter ID would be required for any social assistance or to obtain any state or federal benefits. I would also like to see a requirement to check addresses for all food stamp recipients. It would be interesting to see how many different people are receiving food stamps at the same address.

    • interesting take. just what do you find wrong with any or the voting regulations proposal as outlined above? I assume that straight ticket elimination would mean one could not hit one button and vote full party line. They'd actually have to read and vote for each individual. The rest seem rather benign and of no discomfort to any of the electorate. With apologies to the board for prolonging this OT discussion, could you please state how each of the porpoised regulations would disrupt or infringe? The defense of Religion act did seem a little odd and off base but as noted was tabled. Help me out here notthatflap, I need to learn

      • 1 Reply to desertridgept
      • Not, I have to agree with desertridge on the education part. I think they have a good handle on this. I don't see how anyone could be happy with the results of the present system. The problems I see here are tenure, unions, and government. See no problem with right to work, only the unions and government does and we all know why. I do wonder about home schooling that nobody mentioned. From all reports that I have seen it has been mostly successful without certified teachers. Also, do all private schools and Catholic schools have certified teachers? I understand their results have been excellent. Just wondering........

        As for voting, I believe college kids should be required to vote by absentee ballot. Why not? I did it in the military and I believe it is still done today. I never felt disenfranchised. And, what is wrong with showing a photo ID. The liberals make far too much of this. We should do all we can to ensure our elections are fair. In almost all elections we hear reports of people who try to job the system. The Democrats seem to be pretty good in getting out the vote. Perhaps they could be just as helpful ensuring their partisans have photo ID. Funny, we never hears complaints of this from the other side.

        The writer of the article sounds like they could be a transplant as many are in that state. I say that because it seems they have no understanding of southern culture. As the old saying goes, "It is what it is." There are points in the article I agree and disagree with. This is just a few thoughts.

    • notthatFLOPPY must be BOOBski's brother.