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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding Apr 8, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    cousin's husband a doctor

    2 houses on lakes (one up north) outright bought with cash their daughter a third house.......he's got a a classic car collection......and a cigar smoking room .... I think the humidor alone was thousands and he smokes 100 dollar cigars.Kids all went to private schools...

    I have a great doctor who does not accept insurance....when i first started going to her it was 25 bucks a pop.....she spends a ton of time with you's now 45 a of Jesus all over the place but no one has ever tried to convert me HA HA......I have hit by the bus insurance that has gone up pretty consistently throughout the years (regardless of who is in office)

    healthcare is an issue thats been neglected by politicians for years.....I applaud Obama for attempting to fix a problem that has been in the works for thirty years......Did they fix it of course not...however....rather than spend energy complaining and trying to repeal.....why don't we address the issue every year and keep tweaking the system .....improving it along the way...I'm all for torte reform and certainly open to any ideas that could possible save the system money and make it run more efficiently and give americans better care

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    • lastbull -

      Ideas you want: Change your view re tort reform. If you have any views re punitive damage, conform your views re punitive damages to be consistent with your new view re tort reform, i.e., your views re tort reform and punitive damages should be that there are no government constraints, where the general public, vis-a-vis the jury system, decides whether a commercial enterprise is unsafe, against the public interests, is permitted to continue in operation, etc. You'd be suprised at how much true competition increases, weak/inefficient enterprises leave the marketplace, and, if you believe competition lowers prices, prices decrease. If you're not againt tort reform and unconstrained punitive damages, you should face the fact you want a nanny state and/or an economy based on socialism/communism, because that's what tort reform and constrained punitive damages gives you.


    • The current thinking is that the more people we cover under insurance the lower the premiums. Here is an idea, why not stop providing FREE medical coverage to 50 million people and make them buy insurance policies like most of us Americans have been doing for years. Get a job, pay your bills and stop sucking the life out of America. Just a thought. This would probably end the problems we have with high cost of food and college also. The government was not designed to provide half the country with fee stuff.