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  • easyesteemer easyesteemer Apr 8, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Sorry to interrupt

    Sorry to interrupt the political discussions and complaining but does anyone think we might see the .07s today? Can we even stay green? I know we all all going to get locked up in Obama's socialist concentration camps or die from lack of healthcare but I would like to make a little money first. When will the drip, drip, drip of shares into the market stop so this is not held back in the .06-.07 range?

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    • Easy, I believe we have only until this summer before ACTC starts moving higher, because Maurie Hill has her 1 year checkup in July, and it'll be 2 years since the first patients were injected, so we should be getting some reports about them. And these should be good results, because some of these first patients are saying that they want their other eye injected too. Also, if things go as well as they should the EMS(European Medicines Agency) will fast track SMD to the market in Europe. So what this all means is that when ACTC starts to move higher it will have solid foundation, the RPE injections are working, to keep it moving higher. And then we can count on some irrational exuberance to push the share price higher than reasonably should be, where I'll ne looking to sell a few shares.

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      • The real test is what happens with Phase 2a patients, those with the 20/100 vision whose vision is salvageable. Up until now they had clearance from the FDA and DSMB to treat 20/400 patients, whose vision was too far gone to be recoverable. The 20/100 may be able to even get back enough vision to be able to drive in many states, which will make for good stories on your local 10 o'clock evening news when a bunch of baboushkas get their licenses back.

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      • Why so much weight on what happens to Maurie? "We should be getting good reports about them." What is "good" in your mind?

      • Easy and keep, you guys have some nerve to break into the ongoing political discussions here but now that you mention ACTC I do have to say that in the longer run it is becoming more and more just a matter of time. Lanza has been very careful in his approach and has brilliantly found significant and, above all, areas with as wide a safety advantage as can be had (and also with tremendous profit potential) to make and establish the first big breakthroughs in stem cell treatment. Even the Wall Street crooks will start to see this at some point and it will have taken them so long to do so that ACTC may have even the financial ducks lined up well enough to force the Wall Street crooks to begin to pile in a fairly straight forward way, ie not without any chicanery, of course, but with a somewhat subdued chicanery. That would be a great achievement also.

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      • keep_whining If you believe what you just posted, then why do you whine daily about no news or Gary not blogging? My guess is your just a big crybaby!