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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Apr 10, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Beach, yahoo wouldn't let me reply so....


    .....but so long as there is a 2nd amendment, I can't think of any law that would stop something like this from happening. "

    Well then maybe it's time to re-examine the 2nd amendment. There are "smart guns" that could be the only legal guns to own, unlocked only through fingerprint or voice recognition devices. Something has to change. The status quo is unacceptable. But some in the leadership of the GOP feel they need to fillibuster the whole darn conversation. Must be that "Compassionate Conservative" coming out in these horrible people

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    • Blue, if we can't get votes on some common sense measures there is no reason to even discuss changes to the constitution. Few would be for that and I count myself as one of them. Still, there are common sense gun laws that can be enacted. But most important are stiff penalties for anyone commiting a crime with a gun. Whys isn't that a bigger part of the discussion? Even you must see that is where the problem is. Next up are gun traffickers.

      As for the politics around this its easy, convenient, whatever, to put this a the feet of republicans, but there are plenty of democrats relieved that they don't have to take a public stand on this issue cause they'd have to vote against the more draconian provisions. High tech solutions sound good but again wouldn't impact the criminal element - as for accidents, a trigger lock accomplishes the same thing. If Harry Reif agrees to allow amendments to the Senate bills there won't be a filibuster.

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      • Agree,, criminals don't give a rats patoot about gun laws, unless it means that they are going to rot in jail for a very long time,, they might think twice about pulling the trigger,, and the guns they get are not registered and usually stolen,, new laws to register guns will have no effect on criminals or nuts for that matter,, If someone intends on killing people, it is hard to stop that,, also, that nut with the knife yesterday,, he needs to go away for life,,

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    • Laws don't matter to gang bangers from the hood.

    • You could be right but I doubt it. It's more like "common sense" . Have another joint and think about it.