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  • keep_investing keep_investing Apr 13, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    Has has anyone here wondered why....

    ....if ACT truely has the cure for AMD & SMD why there is no sweetheart investors, or venture capitalists buying this stock. Could it be due to Gary's lack of effort to bring these folks in?

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    • You have to think that there are a s't load of companies and individuals watching and waiting. No one can know for sure who may be eyeing up ACTC. When the dam breaks, everyone will be trying to get in like they've done with so many other stocks over the years. Most don't want to put money in and let it sit without a payback, and even a loss in initial investment. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND, and WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING TIL THE END. Even with all the patients in trials at this point, it's actually a small amount and a very early stage of development. While we are all staring at the RPE cell research, some of the big money might actually be in the blood platelet development, at least initially and that is quite a ways off. People think that more is better when it comes to the increase in RPE cells, but that may not be true and they may be finding that out. Maybe the RPE cells need nucleus from your own eyes implanted in them before they get implanted in your eyeballs, or maybe I'm still suffering from a "wannabe-scientist" syndrome that keeps me endlessly analyzing everything..........Keep, let's just hope that this was all just a lot of fluff talk in the prelude to this company and stock really taking off.....I just hope I live long enough to see it !!!! YIKES !!!!

    • The latest from Maurie Hill 4/3/13 does not sound like she has improved at all and I think she received 100,000 injection. Now they are going to treat patients wit better sight. that seems to take forever. I am getting concerned

    • I AM a sweetheart.....Whom are you? Do wiggle and slide in silence while rattling your tail?


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    • Keep, "investors" such as PE firms typically don't take major positions in companies through open market transactions - the reasons should be obvious. On cutting a deal with a firm, GR has talked about this numerous times. At this point in the development of the company, he feels that they would need to give away to much of the company to any large investor. Think about it, with all the unknowns if you were putting a large sum of money into this company you would want a huge stake of the future profits and you'd want to exercise substantial control.

      I think we need to be closer to a commercially viable treatment before we see a deal like that.