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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Apr 14, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

    O/T- Good Sunday Morning Coffee, I Told You So

    Good morning to all,, even the jerks,, having some Gevalia African Moon, yummy,, just finished the night shift in the ER,, mostly belly pain patients as there is a belly virus going around, yuck,,
    ACTC is stuck in the mud,, we need something to sell,, I know, platelets!!,,
    In the meantime, the penny flippers enjoy this thing,, as far as longs, our day will come,,

    Now, I told you this was going to happen,, Obamacare is a disaster,, it can't even get up running right,, eventually, you will be on the exchange and buy govt insurance or pay the fine,, small business will be forced to cut hours and lay off due to cost,,again, folks suffer at the hand of Obama,,you do not get to keep you doctor unless you are rich and can afford a private deal,, an d most people will never see a doctor again,, there is simply not enough,, you will be at the mercy of PA's and nurse practice,, doc's are closing down all over the country and going work for hospitals,, I'm one of them,, the co$c$ksu$ckers are ruining my business and many others as well,, Again, people loosing jobs,, Govt run healthcare, that's what the people voted for,, let's see how folks like it when patients start dying from neglect,, this time next year will be completely different in the way you receive care,, oh you gotta bum knee or shoulder, you say you need MRI, ha, and you need it operated on, big ha, wait for six months to a year,, really now, I guess things looked better on the other side of the fence to folks,, NOT,,

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