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  • info4netdata info4netdata Apr 15, 2013 11:34 PM Flag

    GARY RABIN TRUE COLORS HAVE BEEN SHOWN!!!! 27 time in two years....sounds crooked to me!

    He is just like BILL CALDWELL who acts like they care about the shareholders but just like Bill's Dealings that left us with lawsuits and the sec....we will soon find out how GARY has screwed us as well. I hope he burns in hell just like BILL is doing right now. Oh wait....Lanza has convinced them GOD does not exist so why should they care about hell.

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    • Relax Info, Gary did nothing wrong, at least that we know of, it's not a crime to sell shares in your own company, but I would've much more concerned if it had been Lanza or Langer who were selling shares.
      Gary has issues, and I wish he'd have the decency to tell us about them, but he's committed no crime that I know of.

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      • ".....I would've much more concerned if it had been Lanza or Langer who were selling shares."

        Doesn't anyone here read SEC reports?????

        Dec 13, 2012 LANZA ROBERTOfficer 1,338,490 Direct Sale at $0.06 per share. 80,309
        Jul 30, 2012 LANZA ROBERTOfficer 500,000 Direct Sale at $0.08 per share. 40,000
        Jul 29, 2012 LANZA ROBERTOfficer 1,500,000 Direct Sale at $0.08 per share.
        Jan 23, 2012 LANZA ROBERTOfficer 6,658,300 Direct Sale at $0.19 per share. 1,265,077
        Jan 22, 2012 LANZA ROBERTOfficer 1,000,000 Direct Sale at $0.18 per share. 180,000
        Sep 28, 2011 LANZA ROBERTOfficer 608,225 Direct Sale at $0.15 per share. 91,233
        Sep 27, 2011 LANZA ROBERTOfficer 118,080 Direct Sale at $0.15 per share. 17,712

      • Yeah right....we will let the sec determine that...but in my books selling 2/3 of your shares while not informing shareholders or the public for the last two years seems like a crime to me. The balls of that POS human to actually implies during the conference calls that he was in the same boat as all of us and that his portfolio has taken just as much as hit as us. I vote his butt out that last time and I will do it again. Hopefully some of you diehard fools will finally see GARYBOY is a lowlife poker player who has been bluffing ACTC shareholders for the last several years. Oh yeah...if you believe he didn't know what BILL was doing either...well I have some swamp land to sell you. I should have sold yesterday...but I still have hope for the science. #$%$ GARY!