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  • keep_investing keep_investing Apr 18, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    Down again today, so whom will Gary blame?

    How about blaming Dojo, Deme, Elk, Lars, Nj, Boos, Doc, & Fighter, but he'll never blame Theres or Nott, for they still believe in the Gary. Oh hell, he'll probably even blame me, Keep, for asking him to take responsibility for his actions, and inactions.

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    • I'm sort of in the middle of the road in regards to Gary. It's kind of fun to scapegoat him since he is HEAD of the company. He's probably doing all he can but if the product isn't strong enough yet, how can you really sell it. There's a good chance things can change quickly, especially with the recent injections of the patients with better vision-provided the treatment helps and doesn't worsen their conditions. If the outcome is good and happens quickly, that could change everything and then we'll get one of those things they carted Cleopatra around on and put Gary on it and pretend we never said one bad word about him.

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      • Nj, Gary's actions have been indefensible, and he has shown this by selling an average of 514K shares per month, over the past 23 months, ,then blaming others, which seems to be his MO, when these sells weren't properly reported, just like he blamed the shareholders for the RS fiasco. The big reason ACT hasen't a JV or billionaire financier is because he guards the fort like a warlord. Remove Gary and you'll see things start to break ACT's way, stick with Gary and ACT will remain broken.