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  • stemintheeye stemintheeye Apr 23, 2013 7:37 PM Flag

    It's been 18 months since the first saftey trial and I have ONE question,

    Are ANY of these patients seeing any better????!!!! You would thing given todays free and fast information stream that ONE of these patents would come out and say, HEY I CAN SEE MY FEET! Or HEY these injections didn't do didily!! Come on guys throw us a bone!!!!

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    • If you believe what ACTC has said, they have noticed improvement in "all" patients with their sophisticated testing equipment.

      However, I have seen nothing from at patient that indicates that they think they see better. Maybe they have and it hasn't been reported or maybe I just haven't seen it.

      One thing to remember is that a Phase I study is to demonstrate safety, not results. Up until the most recent patients, their vision has been somewhere around 20/400. The cohort 2A is supposed to have much better vision, maybe 20/100 or so. It could have been the first patients sight was too far gone, or the dose was too low, or it simply did not work??? At some point, we will get some definitive results and we'll know.

      I'm not sure where the identified transition from Phase I to Phase II is in this study.

      I'm still optimistic that there will be good results!!!