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  • suretowin suretowin Apr 25, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    chemical weapons

    the U.S. now has evidence that Syria has used chemical weapons. the so-called red line has been crossed. Now the world is watching to see if the President stands by his statement. Now his credibility with world leaders is on the line. What will he do.

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    • Thanks to what senior White House officials call an "unscripted" comment, President Barack Obama's foreign policy credibility has been diminished by the use of poison gas in Syria.

      In a remarkable story on the front page of the New York Times (I call it "remarkable" because it almost reads like it was dictated by the White House), it is explained that President Obama wanted to put the Syrian government on notice over the use of chemical weapons, but his policy makers wanted to leave room in the statement for flexibility.

      But Obama missed the nuance of that when he winged it in his public statement and now he's stuck with sounding like any use of chemical weapons will prompt U.S. action.

      Chemical weapons have been used in Syria. There is little doubt that the Syrian government did it.

      But Obama has not acted. A little poison gas apparently is not a "game changer" like the use of a lot of poison gas accompanied with pictures on CNN.

      Look, these are hard decisions for any American president. I can't find fault in opting for prudence. But we are seeing now what we've seen from this president on so many things, foreign or domestic. His rhetoric is far out in front of his policy. He talks big, but he doesn't have the discipline or foresight to run a government. In other words, he's a politician first and president second, or third or fourth.

      We're living his ineptness now with ObamaCare and the sequester cuts. And you can see more coming with that bright red line comment on poison gas in Syria. Seat belts buckled and tray tables up, ladies and gentlemen. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

    • one of the rebel leader stated, that Obama wasn't referring to a red line but a yellow line. the world is watching, not good.

    • "Now his credibility with world leaders is on the line."

      it has always been on the line....

    • the administration now thinks the rebels used chemical weapons. they better be right on this one.

    • From today's NYT's. Has to make everyone feel real good about how our foreign policy is developed.

      “The idea was to put a chill into the Assad regime without actually trapping the president into any predetermined action,” said one senior official, who, like others, discussed the internal debate on the condition of anonymity. But “what the president said in August was unscripted,” another official said. Mr. Obama was thinking of a chemical attack that would cause mass fatalities, not relatively small-scale episodes like those now being investigated, except the “nuance got completely dropped.”

    • This is a huge issue for this president. You don't draw a line in the sand if you don't mean it. His credibility is on the line. N Korea, Iran and others are certainly watching, as are some of our allies who we've promised to protect.

    • looks like President Bashar al-Assad, called his bluff. the President credibility is on the line. theres an old saying if you #$%$ it you better throw it. should have never called them out if you aren't going to follow up. the world is watching

    • "What will he do."

      He'll send you in with the first wave.

    • Hopefully nothing, we don't need to get involved. We give them weapons, a year from now they'll turn them on Israel or worse on us. Stay out.

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      • Yes!! - Let's get out of that part of the world. Allow them the centuries neded to catch up. They still live in the 7th Century. They ar not ready for democracy. GW still wants to spread demovcracy 'round the world. He still supported over 80 dictators arounmd the world. We need to nelp ourselves here at home & take care of our own with our tax dollars, Congress. I see that they are going out on recess AGAIN! They are OUR employees and paid by US, the American people. They forget for whom they wrok!!

        Come on, ACTC. Give us some good news... This why we are here after all. GLTALs

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • "We give them weapons, a year from now they'll turn them on Israel or worse on us. Stay out."

        Sorry Nott, but thats totally illogical.