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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding May 1, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    Tiny Tim was known to

    sing TRALALALAA when he took a break from tip toeing through the tulips, a lavish display of his mancard

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    • lastbull, back in the days of the infamous "Limelight" in Manhattan I happened in one evening and walked into a private party area where Tiny Tim was the guest of honor. Amazingly the seat beside him was empty so I made a beeline for it as I suddenly realized I wanted to make a comment to him. I had never met him before and he had no idea who I was but when I sat down he was so friendly and gracious to me you would have thought I was the guest of honor. He was even very proud and delighted to introduce me to his new woman, Miss Sue (I think he was still in the process of getting divorced from Miss Jan. Miss Vicky of the Tonight Show marriage fame was already long gone. He and Miss Sue did marry later as I recall).

      Again, he was so friendly and talkative it took a while for me to have an opening for my comment. This was around the time George HW was pursuing the first invasion of Iraq. When I got a chance I injected my comment "You know, Tiny, with all these wars and rumors of wars we do have to wonder why we human beings can't be fully satisfied with the enjoyment of things like just tip-toeing through the tulips."

      His head turned and he stared directly into my eyes with a sort of sad but large smiling visage overtaking his face as he said "Ahhhhhh, Yessssss. ….Easier sung than done!"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy