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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding May 2, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    in reading some ARVO abstracts of upcoming conference

    one of the most interesting to least in RPE methods....was the cell sheet (fabricated Bruch) that was delivered with a novel method....basically that did eight rabbits but were able to deliver the sheets without the more invasive surgery ....which was the argument on why our method was better than the fabricated Bruch...the deliver it into the subretinal by a custum made plunger

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    • Is their delivery "old" or less effective? Or are you pointing out we are using a better delivery that leaves them behind us, thus a non-competitor?

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      • They are able to delivery virtually the same as us....using a needle or a "cannula".....and a custum made plunger....I'm assuming that the plunger was sent through the cannula.......If you are interested in this stuff.....go read some abstracts they are easy enough to find.....basically when we used to have thoughtful discussion around here....the consenses was that the procedure to lay a sheet of cells in was more invasive yet this method is pretty close to our method ....other than on a sheet ....and IPS of course

        Here is the conclusion to this particular study:"We presented a novel device to transplant hiPSC-RPE cells-sheet safely and stably with the correct positioning into subretinal space by inserting the grafts in the coaxial direction of flow paths and with adequate subretinal drainage. We will further confirm these results by transplanting hiPSC-RPE cell-sheet into monkey eyes."