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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 May 2, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    How is everyone doing today? Not much going on with ACTC.OB, YET----

    The whole thing with penny stock is the fact that they are "volatile". I want to see some of that volatility in the form of a HUGE SPIKE UPWARD ok. Personally I think the drug companies are afraid of stem cell tech and have a concerted effort to stifle it's growth. Imagine getting a stem cell treatment that helps your lungs become healthy and functioning well again, that would KILL big pharma's ability to sell their terribly overpriced inhalers such as Symbacort for $225 a month. $225 a month for what? Some cheap #$%$ chemicals? Yeah, big pharma is scared alright.

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    • Nj, I believe it will take until at least July before ACTC begins to fly higher( 2 yr checkup for first patients & 1 yr checkup for Maurie Hill). Then this Fall it should really start to stand tall(EMS give SMD orphan drug status, allowing ACT to bring it to market in Europe)

    • Look, some sad sad loser gave my comment a thumbs down. Imagine having nothing better to do than to go spread your negativity around. I must have spoken some truth that they want to silence, as usual. I guess in order to give me a thumbs down they had to first pull it out of their a**s**s**pirin bottle. LOL.