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  • keep_investing keep_investing May 6, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    I'll really be surprised if anything of importance is said on Thursday, because....'s an earnings report, and ACT essentially hasn't any to report. I think I'll be July before anything of substance is reported, as thats when the first two patients have their two year checkup, and Maurie Hill has her one year checkup.

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    • They have never said anything new that actually came true from these meetings so why even waste your time thinking about it. I just hope everyone this time votes GARYBOY out the door this time. I voted him out last time but too many fell for his "Shareholder Value #$%$". Now seeing that he sold most of his shares behind closed doors...shows you how shady he is.

    • Keep, there's no need for a quarterly financial update. It's pretty obvious and simple, there's no money and the stock hasn't done squat but sink this year. He better speak fast on that conference call before the phone company shuts off their phone due to lack of payment. This is looking pretty dull, I think I need to tune out for 6 months and then check things out at that point. I'm sure if anything exciting and positive happens before then I'll hear about it as I did manage to get at least 5 others to invest in Advanced Cell Tech. ouch.