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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding May 9, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    with all due respect to Benghazi

    I read all these posts and not one sympathetic post to the victims......should we protect our ambassadors abroad of course....was the backing of the centerists (temporary prime minister) the cause?...was that because of Democrats was bi-paritsan......I feel terrible for the victims and there families.....If you were there took a job in a danger zone....should we have done more sure......but i ask you where is the outrage at or out of control muder rates.....where is the more protection for our citizens ...who don't choose to live in war zones but do to circumstance do just we cry where was the protection why we slash funding for our cops and our citizens die ....and there is no outrage.....lets be real ....the bickering is political.....

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    • "the bickering is political"

      sure it is buddy....
      this is alot more than "political" as you say...
      this is about the leaders of our government giving a "stand down" order while our citizens were beng attacked.....
      those are facts NOT political banter.....

    • Bull, just one point. The tragedy in Benghazi WAS NOT bipartisan. The stand down issued on the rescue effort could have only come from the Commander-in-Chief. Nobody else had that kind of authority. Using smoke and mirrors here will not work. Face it, responsibility for this fiasco is on the Democrats and theirs alone. We all know, of course, that protection for diplomatic missions lies with the host government but with the situation as it exists in Libya you must be ready for any emergency. Obviously the Democrats were not.

    • Right U R Evil. We have places here as dangerous as Benghazi and they have been for 60 years, yet no one cares. Benghazi incident should have nothing to do with politics; it would have panned out the same no matter who was in office, unless Barry Goldwater came back from the dead, then Benghazi would be a huge crater.