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  • jc4actc jc4actc May 10, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    After the CC we have to feel

    Pretty good! It is all coming together. Rabin mentioned about finally putting the SEC soon to rest as well as the toxic financing from the previous management. I feel nothing could be done as far as JV and the so called RS until these issues were settled. Maybe we wont have to do a RS after all if the deal is that good! You never know! So we move on from here. At this point we really have to ask ourselves which Big Pharma will it be? This is what it really comes down too. Hmmmmm! Who could it be?

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    • Jc, thats the same bs he's been regurgitating for almost two years.

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      • Hey keep,
        I hear you! You might even hear it over the next 12 months as well. Just a matter of time until the science does all the talking. The trails are for sure moving in the right direction as we all know. The adding of the cohort 2a. He has to get this right and he knows all eyes are on him right now. Maybe this new CFO will bring more experience to the table. Maybe he knew this was to much for him to do alone. Stay positive. We all wanted Yesterday! Good things to come. Think of those people that are going blind. Jc

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    • Rabin was part of the management. He was on the board and OK"d all the financing as well as Shapiro signed off on it as well....Caldwell kept the company alive! Rabin & Shapiro were board members signing off on this stuff. Caldwell got the major financing done that was not toxic right before he died.... Rabin is trying to revise history and take credit for the non toxic major financing that Caldwell accomplished...what a joke!!

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      • Smarty,
        Good point. I hear Rabin say in the cc that it was past management. I believe that such a decision (toxic financing) are voted upon for approval with the BOD. Maybe he voted No. Maybe it was the only deal that could be done. Possibly he learned from his mistakes which we all do and now he has a better understanding of getting better deals. Lincoln is a perfect example. Give Mr. Caldwell credit,he kept the lights on and the company alive. We would not be here today if it was not for his efforts. So much going for this little bio tech company. Dr Lanza at the Helm. That alone should speak volumes. Well the next 6 months will be very interesting. I truly believe a Big Pharma (JMHO) wants a deal with ACTC. I think Gary believes the longer they hold out the more we can get (jv deal) especially if the results are nothing but positive. I think Dr. Lanza knows what the results will be! GLTA

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