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  • corruptbusinesss corruptbusinesss May 14, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Sell off in anticipation

    Sell off in anticipation of more dilution. ACTC is such a disappointment. They will most likely be out of money again first quarter next year and the question is can they JV with someone or has Gary been blowing smoke up our collective skirt?

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    • They will get a JV done. And don't believe that ACT will be out of money. The announcement of a CFO on a handshake says he will deal with that from a position of strength. How do you get that? By two routes, a stunning outcome on the RPE treatments for every class of patient and/or a stunning JV that doesn't leave billions on the table. I think both will happen before the end of the year and money will cease to be a problem. What will be a problem is GROWING the company to be able to bring to market many of the incredible treatments for human diseases that are in their pipeline. Blood platelets being the most exciting near term but the real biggie is the progenitor stem cells that will turn out to be the blockbusters of the century. We shareholders are on one of the great stories of the 21st century that will put MSFT, APPL, GOOGLE, etc., in the shade for impact on human civilization. These prices are a gift and if you look this horse in the mouth to check its teeth and don't buy, you will be telling your "woulda, coulda, shoulda" story to your grandchildren who will be living comfortably, in good health, to 120+ years.


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      • I hope you are correct but right now the market is saying we think there are going to be something like 3 billion maybe more shares and we are pricing the shares accordingly. I know we're being led to believe we're so close to finally getting this ship upright but we will need to get through the storm that is the next few weeks or months. If a new CFO is signed and if the SEC issue is put to rest for 3.5 million or less and if they announce actually doing the RS and uplist then new investors at that time should have good propects for making money.