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  • joes765 joes765 May 18, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    BIOselectinvestor...are you still out there?

    I would really like to hear your commentary on the news of 20/400 to 20/40. I have been holding ACTC long since the days of Bill Caldwell and the "lowest hanging fruit" days. I believe this is phenomenal news for both patients and investors. I do believe big pharma with ophthalmic programs will now have a greater sense of urgency to create some important partnership with ACTC or risk the loss of a major pipeline of revenue down the road. Whether Lanza's slip was innocent or not, the confirmation of its accuracy by the company was invaluable. This info by Lanza is a glimpse into what ACTC has. It also means in my opinion that ACTC is a real viable entity. And, that the management team has not been blowing smoke like others have suggested. It would not surprise me if some deep pocket pharma co. tries to buy ACTC at this inexpensive price. No wonder all these prestigious eye hospitals like Wills, Mass E & E, jules stein are players.. they're no fools. No wonder ACTC ( a 7 cent OTC BB stock ) has been able to attract the likes of Dr Langer to their board! If other pts have experienced big visual gains as well, then all my waiting is well worth it.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hi Joes! Thanks for the kind shout out. I happened by here today. I don't love the Yahoo message board tech that Yahoo put in place of the old board. Sometimes it gives me issues. I do pop by, but don't have so much time these days. I AM very excited by the news this week, though I don't think it was an "intentional leak" so much as an honest sharing, by Dr. Lanza, with a friendly reporter at a moment that he just wanted to convey that things are going well. I think the press release therefore, was not put out to amplify that news, but clarify, for purposes of securities law and FDA requirements, so that the inadvertent statement didn't reverberate in a negative fashion on the company somehow. I do believe they want to release all of that news ultimately in a journal, peer reviewed, to maximize the medical impact of their accomplishment.

      I have not sold any shares. I continue to be very enthusiastic and invested. But the politics on the boards make them no longer about this opportunity or the science so much, so I did not love that. More importantly though, I just haven't had as much time to be on the board this last many months.

      Thanks for your kind shout out Joe! Let's wish for excellent news in the coming months, that we get onto a proper exchange and for some deep pocketed institutional investors to lift the boat up. Each of those things, in my opinion, are inevitable and coming soon. When everything comes together, I think it will skyrocket the value of our current shares. But that's just my personal opinion, and not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold. Thanks and Good luck!

    • i agree. i would like to buy again but im waiting for the dip. hopefully .005 is coming up. i would hate to buy now and then see it go down again. want to grab at 100k shares, anything else is just too much risk.