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  • keep_investing keep_investing May 22, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    What in hell is going on here?

    How's a guy ever going to get rich at this rate? Unless of course you you play the make believe game of owning all the best preforming stocks. And I think most here know of whom I am referring to, even Warren Buffett is no match for this fantasy world equities player.

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    • hehehehe funny !!! Oh yeah, big time player with so much money but no life right? That's why he's here all the time blah blah blahhing-actually there are several of those types. I guess if they have so very little their fragile egos have overcompensated with these fantasy stories of riches. I guess these guys want us to think they are jet setting all around with their busy active lives-all the while glued to their smart phones blogging here. Skiing in the Swiss Alps and blogging while flying downhill at 60 miles per hour. Tooling around in their Bentley Conti with Yahoo ACTC Finance message board on the navigation screen, talking out a text. LOL. Yeah, delusional and out of touch, but hey, most of them are GOP CONS, they can't help it-it's required for entry. LOL.