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  • enpiccoli enpiccoli May 27, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

    20/40 vision, WOW. My mom would be over joyed!!!

    You couldn't imagine how great 20/40 vision would be when you are legally blind at 20/400 like my lovely mom was before she past away. She would have been thrilled beyond belief to be able to have her eyes corrected to 20/40 vision (20/40 vision, the 20 is the distance in feet between the subject and the chart. The 40 means the subject can read the chart (from 20 feet away) as well as a normal person could read the same chart from 40 feet away). Going blind at an early senior age is devastating and heart breaking and to see it happening to your mom, who loved life, hurts deeply. Instead of all the terrible hatred on this site, you should be thankful for ACTC and investing greatly in this stock for your own future eyesite and definitely for monetary reward. The current billion dollar treatment for macular degeneration hardly accomplishes anything other than possibly!! preventing it from getting worse but it did nothing for my mom and aunt.