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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jun 6, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    The people who called BUSH BRILLIANT, are saying Obama isn't qualified? LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Now THAT is absolutely hysterical !!!! Bush who couldn't string together an entire sentence without screwing it up, Bush who couldn't even get a run-of-the-mill cliché to sound right, Bush who told us his tax-cuts would leave us with a 5 billions surplus when he left office, Bush who said "yellow cake from Africa" to be included with "weapons of mass destruction" yeah that BUSH is smarter than President Obama ? Well of course he is, in your turned around alternate universe that said "Romeny and Obama in a dead heat" before the election and said Obama isn't a citizen and said over and over that tax cuts for the rich create jobs------LOL. Come on GOP, will you ever face the truth? The reality? Just one more simple reminder that even DickW, Muzzz, Donprober and the rest of you 5-for-1 Yahoo ID folks---OBAMA WON IN A LANDSLIDE. The only thing your party controls is the The House of Reps. And we all know what they've done. NADA, NOTHING, SQUAT, ZILCH. Oh wait, they've tried to repeal Obamacare 37 times at a cost of $24 millions each time to run the House of Reps per week. Talk about a waste of money, holy crow CONS, you better watch it or those crazy loony Tea Bags are going to get after you for wasting tax payer dollars. Right? No? What? They don't ge mad at CONS wasting so much money? Wow, Why not? Let's see 37 attemps at repealing Obamacare times $24 million per week times 2 weeks each time to repeal equals---HOLY MOLEEEE, someone call those Bags and get them to paint up some demonstration posters and go testify to CONgress. This is an outrage !!! You GOP hypocrite CONS are such losers.

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    • Poor poor CONS, these CONS on here would like us to think they are all fat cats of independent means, thus their ability to sit on this blog, day in, day out, week after week, month after month, year after year----like all people of independent means right? LOL LOL LOL. They'd love us all to think they whine and cry about taxes as if they paid any. They've given themselves cute sounding yahoo i.d.s in an effort to paint an idea in reader's minds that they live off in the country or at the beach and things are just going so well for them, as they sit and sit and sit, pouncing on anything that sounds like it's for WE THE PEOPLE and tearing it apart, as instructed by Faux, drug shopping Limbaugh, and the sexual harasser O'Reilly. Oh yes CONS, I can just envision Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and all those men of independent means sitting on a blog like you in day out....LOL LOL LOL LOL. Except for Muzzzz that is, he probably can't go anywhere until they take that monitoring device off his ankle....LOL LOL LOL.....or is it shackles SOCIETY has put on his ankle? LOL. So you CONS on here of independent means, get out on the lake and steer that speedboat while blogging on your Ipad so you don't miss anything here .....LOL LOL LOL

    • Hey Nanny,

      I can rest assured if Mr. Bush offered you $100M you would be first down on all fours on the 50 yard line while biting down on finger in mouth letting the deceased M. Jackson teach you how to sing acapella....Right.....

      Give it a rest dude/ette....


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    • Obama is qualified to have you be his puppet and type your message on this MB....Right....

      be good squirrel....

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    • Danny, a lot of things have been said about Bush but I don't ever recall the word brilliant being used. Why can't you be honest and truthful?

    • In truth our government has become a mini series TV show, all fake and delusional with over sensationalized drama, too bad tax payers are footing the bill and the only people getting rich are the producers and script writers.


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    • Oh yes, and the people who voted for Obama were just plain STUPID.

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      • So dickw, you think it had nothing to do with Mitt and "I have a budget, won't work, but I have a budget" Ryan? You folks throw up such weak candidates and then wonder why someone would, not happily, but with no reasonable choice left, vote for Obama?

        Sure, he is a disappointment, but a disappointment for a lot of different reasons than what Tea baggies think. He hasn't gone nearly far enough in healthcare reform, didn't repeal the P act, G bay is still open, 'drone' to your hearts content, no meaningful immigration or gun reform, didn't take the golden opportunity to reduce and regulate financial institutions setting this country up for a 4th financial melt down in the future, Monsonta non-sense and poisoning us.....I can go on and on. Sadly, I'd still vote for that guy over what a disaster the Mitt/Ryan show would surely have been.

        Put up a real candidate who is a moderate and doesn't pander to the far right, but if your party continues to put up far right clowns, you'll be relegated to the dust bin of history.

    • Well said Danny

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    • Nj, aren't all those folks who called GW brilliant in asylums by now? If not, then thats the Obama administrations fault, right?