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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jun 8, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    Tea Bags screaming about the IRS only exposed flaws in the exemption they wanted.

    501c4. That's the exemption. It's used for groups who are "EXCLUSIVELY" devoted to SOCIAL WELFARE. There's that SOCAIL word again huh CONS? In 1959, WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, President Eisenhower had the words "primarily" added to the 501c4 exemption. That word "primarily" has been left to the discretion of the IRS, never actually defined. Because the Tea Bags idiocy and lack of knowledge on almost all matters, they only exposed this exemption for the flaws in it. NO POLITICAL PARTY OR GROUP is qualified for this deduction under it's original and LEGAL definition. The Tea Bags cried and whined during testimony before GOP CON Daryl Issa, a several times arrested and questionable character himself. However, NO TEA BAGS were declined the exemption, as they should have been under it's definition. They were just upset because it didn't happen fast enough for them. Some Democratic groups were declined this exemption during the same time the Tea Bags were ACCEPTED, yet partisan ISSA didn't have any of them testify. Unfortunately for the ignorant BAGS, they have now exposed this exemption's flaws and the exemption is going to be reviewed and most likely returned to it's original definition. Once that happens, the Tea Bags won't be able to hide what millionaires are funding them and where they get their money from. Until then, you and I, the American Taxpayers, are subsidizing the Tea Bags even if we don't want to. Damn, and I thought the Tea Bags were all about no taxes and less government spending according to them, but now we see they are just one more hypocritical arm of the GOP that WE are being TAXED to support.

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    • yea I think the GOP over reached in this case, just politics

    • Those three years you spent in the sixth grade are really paying dividends now. The point is DUMMY, they spied, and selectively controlled peoples lives stifling their opinion because it was detrimental to Obama's cause. Democrats, Republican's and Libertarians like me should me screaming bloody murder. This administration looks more like Joseph Stalin's and it mkes tricky #$%$ look like a rank amateur. Stop fighting blindly for a one sided cause and start defending YOUR rights, what's left of them.

    • hay you really didn't get the fact that your party LOST in last's really true though, look it up. Just don't go try to find it wherever you find all your other so called "facts", as that book appears to be a novel filled with complete fantasy....LOL.

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      • I understand that some things are very hard for you to understand I am a registered D E M O C R A T but First and foremost I am an American and believe in the Constitution. Politicians republicans and democrats are mostly more concerned about what is best for themselves not what is best for the country. TRY THINKING FOR YOURSELF.

    • You really are clueless

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      • If the word "clue" means what it does to most of you CONS, like you had a clue President Obama wasn't a citizen, or a clue like President Obama was a Muslim, or a "clue" like Bush's "weapons of mass destruction", in your context of that word "clue", you are absolutely right. Or maybe you mean "clue" when you CONS said Romney and President Obama were neck and neck before the election, in that context that you mean "clue", once again, you are right, I was clueless then too. I knew President Obama won in a landslide, it wasn't a "clue" at all. I also know we are now paying for the Tea Bags to spread their hate while getting donations from anonymous donors, and chances are we are not only subsidizing the Tea Bags, we are subsidizing the rich few who have a vested interest in propping them up, like the KOCH Brothers etc. So, in your obtuse world of alternate realities, I guess I am clueless. By the way, you are incredibly brilliant.

    • Even when I agree with you on a point, your distortion of facts renders your arguments lame. I agree that the tax exempt status has been misused. But as you point out,the IRS has had this discretion since the 50's so THAT is nothing new. What is new, is the selective targeting of conservative groups and their denial of tax exempt status - that did happen and it happened right in the middle of a presidential election. What we don't know is why or who ordered it. Plenty of Libroid groups were given the exemption including Move On and Media Works, so we are in your words subsidizing them. Why not ask who is funding those organizations?