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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jun 9, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    Several times arrested Daryl Issa, still dredging up zilch in his scandal-a-thon witch hunts.

    Hey Daryl, stick your head up too high and the focus is going to come back on you. With your extensive arrest record, Daryl Issa, maybe you should stop looking for things that aren't there and just go away quietly. I mean come on Daryl, if you put yourself up there to be grilled and asked yourself "what documents did you remove from your company before it burnt to the ground?" or "why did you take out insurance for $400 Grand on your company just months before it burnt down?" or "why was that concealed weapon you got arrested with unregistered?.....Come on Issa, there needs to be an investigation for sure, into YOUR PAST. Can you believe people actually have this guy in a position of "oversight"???? Only in GOP CONland, the land of make believe morality.

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    • Dannh, how many times have you been arrested?

    • Your dredging up stuff from 20 plus years ago and he's never been convicted of anything. But as we all know to be the true "lion of the Senate" you need to drive off a bridge and kill someone.

    • Issa is a thorn in your a:s:s alright,, pick, pick, pick and it gets under the skin,, Obama, Clinton, Rice and Holder are the current biggest crooks on the planet,,not one word that comes out of their mouths can be trusted, and that's a fact,, they lie,, and Rice has joined the biggest rank of all liars,, are you seriously good with all this,, this is current,, has nothing to do with the lies of the past itch Buh yesteryear,,this is current,,these are the POS,s running our country now,,but now Obma is a lame duck,,he cannot be trusted,, unless of course you are. Dumb blind sheep,, but then ACTC has a cure for that,,

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